February Monthly Favorites 2023

Welcome back to the Monthly Favorites! This month has had it’s unique challenges on my end. It’s still a WIP for me, but my five years of habits are not so easily quashed. (I did have fun getting back into photography a bit though). So the Monthly Favorites continues to live!

As per usual, this is a collection of various medias I’ve seen across this month that I think so of you would find interesting. So grab a quick snack and get ready to start clicking! There’s lots to discover down below!


From Youtube creator Kor released “The Birth of Magical Girl Anime“. I found it absolutely a mix of adorable and informative. As someone whose been getting more into magical girls as of late, it gave me a lot of ideas of where to look to dive in further!

It’s been a really informative month regarding AMV’s or Animated Music Videos – the fan created kind of course. First was Lesley’s Anime and Manga Corner blogging with “James Kaposztas, the Creator of the First Known AMV, Passes Away“. Truly, an ingenious creator of such a unique aspect of fandom was gone too soon. As a follow up from Anime Hanabi blogging “Anime Music Videos and the Fan that Started it All!” for a bit more in-depth on the terms and culture.

Tea Time always has a way with words. Their blog post “Far away worlds” is no exception, eloquently put and certainly got my attention. It’ll probably pair even better once I watch the anime as well.


From The Wonder of Anime, penned by Lisa De La Cruz is their post “Snow Fairy Review“. Considering I’m still pretty solidly encased in snow out where I am – this title caught my attention. It seems right up my alley as well, so I’ll be picking up a copy when I can!

Another Youtube video is “The MOST TERRIFYING Manga I’ve Ever Read | A Trail Of Blood” by Wanderer. I’ve only heard good things about this manga, and it’s always worth reading/hearing more takes about it.

A bit more from youtube is “The Manga That Lies To You” by Schnoz Meister, which is about none other than… Liar Game. I think this has been regularly recommended to me since it came out and I only just got around to watching/listening to it. It’s a fascinating reflection on one of the most iconic manga from the mid-2000’s into the 2010’s.

Rounding off this section is Aria from The Animanga Spellbook with “Lost in Translation with Cipher Academy“, it’s a double dip at looking at an interesting manga, and the difficulty translating a manga like this. It’s a fascinating look at some unique perspectives of the work that goes into translating a manga.

JDramas and Movies

We also have from Nathan O’Grady Reviews, Essays, and Productions their post entitled “Pitfall (1962) – Review“. It’s a film that while I haven’t seen personally, but one that I probably saw in passing at my library I was intrigued. Especially since it seems to be a really unique viewing experience.

Finishing this month’s feature is from Shuubah of Shuu’s Wonderland is “A Bittersweet J-Drama About the Life Stories of an Aromantic and Asexual Pair: Koisenu Futari [Two People Who Can’t Fall in Love] Review by a Fellow AroAce“. Koisenu Futari caused quite the stir when it aired last year. Reading this review from the perspective of someone being represented by it’s depiction is a highly worthwhile read, and worth the watch it seems. Be sure to check it out!

Also since both Ballistik Boyz and Psychic Fever have been working in Thailand, now have their collaborations with TRINITY and DVI respectively. Both songs are absolute bangers, but a significant flash warning for viewers. It’s very cool and I highly encourage you give them a watch! Otherwise, I’ll see you next month!



  1. Thanks for selecting my review. I’ve been wanting to thank you for last month’s E-girls article as well, but I got stuck with other things and now I’m a month late. Better late than never, I guess. Thank you!

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