January 2023 Monthly Favorites

Welcome to the first installment of the Monthly Favorites! It’s now a whole month into 2023 – amazing. As always, I have a big ol’ collection of posts for you to dig into. So let’s go ahead and get into it!

I’m popping this up first because I found the subject really interesting. From Reads with Rachel is “authors in reviewer spaces. let’s discuss”. I found it pretty insightful as a review writer, and just an adjacent space to things I’m interested in. So yeah. Might be of interest of others!


Kicking this section off is “Thinking About How to Adapt Manga” from Mechanical Anime Reviews. It’s a very unique take on a variety of series that’s way deeper then the usual ‘that didn’t happen in the manga!’. Give it a read, think about your own favorite adaptations, and let’s cross our fingers for another round of manga adaptations this year.

From Weeb Revues is “Pompo the Cinephile: A 2D Movie About a 3D Movie“. I’ve been seeing really strong reviews for this one guys~ Let’s check out their review and check out this movie soon, yeah? It’s certainly on my list now!

Reasons to Anime covered “Angel Sanctuary” – the OVA of course. While I’m a die-hard of the manga, and know it’s very… polarizing. Here’s hoping their review, and the OVA itself does it’s job and gets more people to read the manga!

I love a good guide for what to watch next and Anniemeaddict of Annie-me with “Crunch Time | A Guide to Sports Anime and What You Should Be Watching” has got you covered. I have fallen off the SPORTS! anime – whoops, so for those like me looking for what to get into next or get back into it this has you covered.

JDramas and Movies

From the Bias List is “The Bias List’s Favorite Japanese Dramas of 2022“. I’m a sucker for lists, and this one has plenty of variety for anyone whose not into JDramas like I am. It’s also much more in-tune to the past year then my post’s have been, so be sure to check it out!

New to the blog, and to the feature is Embracing Fiction with their post “[JP] Silent“. If my post wasn’t enough, and you really want a review to dig deep into why silent is a brilliant story – this blog is for you. It’s a wonderful edition to singing silent‘s praises so go give it a read!

From SussySempai (great blog name btw) blogged about “The Makanai is a masterful adaptation of the Maiko-san chi manga.“. It’s so well written and for sure a sleeper hit that more people need to read the review of and get to watching!

Japanese Drama: My Cuteness is About to Expire!” the review from Telzeytalks of Dramas with a Side of Kimchi is a great read. An entertaining review of a pretty entertaining drama!


I’m so embaressed this didn’t make my last favorites! Shuu’s Wonderland did an absolutely fabulous post “E-girls’ 11th Anniversary Special: 11 Reasons Why I Came to Love This Umbrella-group“. As a fellow fan of E-Girls, it’s such a wonderful post reminiscing and reminding me of what truly made them my favorites. Be sure to give it a read, and make sure to give them a listen online somewhere too!

D4DJ and When Former Idols Turn Into Voice Actors” from omunibasu, is another post where seiyuu and idol culture have collided. So maybe putting this in the music section isn’t completely correct but… seiyuu are also dipping heavily into idol activities, and there’s a fascinating overlap and really you should give it a read to fully understand.

Also… you guys know the drill. New iScream release, go stream and listen.

With that I’ll see you next month!



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