Rise’s JDrama Awards 2022

Much like my JMovies Awards, the above is the working title for this post. I am not feeling particularly creative as of late. It gets the point across, and much like last year I’m highlighting some of my favorite watches I may or may not have talked about this year.

I watched this but never reviewed it

So, Ryosangata Riko: Puramo Joshi no Jinsei Kumitate Ki is a mouthful of a title. It’s worth going through the title when you realize it’s about a female office worker accepting herself through plastic models. Then sharing it with her coworkers and friends! It’s the closest feeling to a slice-of-life in a live action form I’ve seen this year, and it’s just incredibly wholesome. It’s chock full of anime references as well, and the most creative opening theme sequences I’ve seen in ages. I thought about reviewing it but… it’s one of those titles I kept to myself a little longer then usual. At least I’m telling you about it now!!

Wow they actually made this

I’m not one to really look too hard at the more statistic side of dramas. Like age demographics, marketing, target demographics, things like that. With Oshare no Kotae ga Wakaranai or I don’t know the fashionable answer (2021) I would love to know that because I couldn’t figure it out. I watched it due to the short length, and for Nekumi Meru before seeing My Boyfriend in Orange‘s live action. It’s pretty out there since about all I remember is Meru’s character puked rainbows when she got too fashionable or saw someone fashionable. Otherwise it was pretty forgettable.

I’m a little embarrassed I liked this BUT

So I talked at length about Ase to Sekken, the live action. It’s very JDrama in terms of blending a sense of goofiness, but maturity in this drama. I also would never say aloud I like this series, but I’ll 100% admit it in writing and publish it on the internet for anyone to find. I’ve talked about it extensively in this post here, so be sure to check it out if you’re curious.

my favorite drama from this year

Okay, so Doronjo is just barely making the cut for this year. It had a really odd airing schedule, which is why I wasn’t sure it would make the cut. It’s so bad ass. Like one of the most bad ass dramas of the DECADE. Ikeda Elaiza is my current women crush, but like the fact she has an actual background in MMA fighting (for fitness purposes) and is using that in a drama is insane. Doronjo is hard-hitting emotionally, and potentially literally. To think it’s the backstory for the Yattaman villainess is a little odd, but it absolutely works in this case. Go watch Doronjo, 10/10 drama of the year.

my favorite drama I watched this year, that wasn’t released this year

Okay, I am still not over Pride. It’s been eight months and I still think about this drama often, despite how many dramas I’ve seen over this year. It’s that good. I won’t waste your time re-hashing it here, go read my review. But yeah… Pride. It’s a pride and joy of mine to say I’ve finally watched it.

the worst drama I watched this year

The word “worst” has very strong connotations, and is super subjective. But this is my blog and my awards so – the worst drama I watched this year was Koi no Yamai to Yarougumi Season 2. While I loved the original series, this sequel was so derivative and repetitive that it was absolutely a slog to get through. I don’t think I need to really keep going, that paints a large enough picture.

I hope this brief ceremony didn’t interrupt your typical watching patterns too much – now back to your regularly scheduled programming! With that I’ll see you next post!



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