Semi-Hiatus / Schedule Change

Hey there readers. Popping on just to give a heads up that yes, once again I will be a bit MIA this November into December again. Between travel plans, job applications, and of course the JLPT I have a lot on my plate and have to prioritize the real world, over my blog.

I’ll have Visual Kei&Anime as well as Monthly Favorites out as per usual, but aside from those, I’m not sure. We’ll have to wait and see.

I should be back around December 15th depending on how all these events and things go.

See you guys later!



  1. Your posts will be missed! Best of luck with your job hunting and traveling. Wow, you’re taking the JLPT level 1! That’s hard core. I’m very impressed. I barely eeked passed at JLPT 5, and I thought that was pretty tough.

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