October 2022 Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to the Monthly Favorites! Glad you made it! I’d like switch it up a little this time and start with – I sincerely hope this season of anime is holding up for everyone. There are a LOT of reboots/sequels/first season of an incredibly popular manga turned anime coming out. Most of which I have mild curiosity about but not true investment, so I’m lurking on the sidelines a bit here as of late. It’s been fascinating having this perspective, but also I don’t want to be too rude sticking my nose into conversations about series I know nothing about so – yeah. Again, I hope all the new stuff is holding up for fans of it.

I’m going to disrupt this structure and try a few new things. Maybe you guys will notice, maybe you won’t. Either way, let’s go ahead and get into the feature itself.


This is one that relates to my opening. From In Asian Spaces is “Big 3 Nostalgia Returns – Bleach TYBW Ep 1 Review“. I’m glad to read for some viewers that this sequel is at least a good kind of nostalgic and seems to having a good reception amongst fans.

Another post tied into that intro is Otaku Lounge is “Anime Taste Testing: Urusei Yatsura“. It’s a legendary anime where perhaps a re-airing of the series with a remastered visuals, might have been better then a reboot. I don’t have a horse in this race, but again, I am indeed watching from the sidelines to see how it goes.

Spy x Family episode 15 – Family Reunion” by I Drink and Watch Anime captured my feelings perfectly about this episode. It has the best boi ever in this episode and now in the serious as a full time character. Yeah… the best anime dog is in here and you should be watching Spy x Family for that reason if you haven’t already for others.

From Anime Hanabi is “Anime Amnesia and the Werewolves of the 2000’s” it’s about Wolf’s Rain!! It’s one of the first really intense, anime I watched. It has a really special place in my heart. So I’m always glad to see someone watch it for the first time, or re-watch in this case. Either way, be sure to give this post a look, and watch Wolf’s Rain!!

Okay, no one hate me for this – I don’t know much about Mob Psycho 100. I know what Mob looks like but if you asked me anything more then that I wouldn’t be able to help you. That didn’t stop me from really enjoying The Otaku Exhibition’s post “Mob Psycho 100 Proves Zack Snyder Wrong“. It’s such an interesting post since I don’t know much about Mob Psycho 100, but nonetheless a fascinating read. I’d love more fans of the series to give it a read!


I’m not here to nitpick what is and isn’t manga – I’m just not that picky these days. Which is why I was pretty curious about “MANY Can Play at that Game: First Impressions of Saturday AM’s Global Manga Scene” from Weeb Revues. It’s a really through run-down of the Saturday AM’s offerings and mini reviews of a few series too! Be sure to give it a read if you’re looking for new manga, or manga adjacent material.

JDramas and Movies

The Japanese Version of Good Doctor Is Warm, Lovely and Without Unnecessary Romance” is a title that really encompasses the blog by hallyureviews. I’m not one for medical dramas personally, but I always enjoy reading other peoples’ thoughts about this, this post being no exception. It’s a really good place for those that have seen a prior version of Good Doctor before and wondering if the JDrama version is for you too!

On youtube, I did stumble across the VIDEO “Kairo | Anatomy Of The Scariest Scene Ever” from Spikima Movies. I love Kairo and I love hearing people talk about anything and everything about it. This analysis was spot on and really informative.

Also off of youtube is the VIDEO “How a 10-year-old girl wrote Japan’s most insane horror film” by the user kaptainkristian. I haven’t seen the film House yet, but it’s on the list. Horror is year round baby. So, maybe you’ve heard of house, maybe you haven’t but it’s a fascinating look at this particular film.


Normies vs J fashion: Worst take ever edition” is a bit of click bait but also not wrong when it comes to Shinryu Reviews. I highly encourage people give this one a read since it is fascinating and more universal then you’d think these days. I certainly learned a bit, and had a bit to share too.

Also in the JFashion zone, but on youtube is the VIDEO “What is Jirai Kei? The Fashion Side Of This Currently Trending Style From Japan w/ Yumechi & Chiara” and the very important follow up, “The Dark Side of Jirai Kei 地雷系 (Landmine) Fashion & Culture” both by cybr.grl. I’ve personally seen a lot of Jirai Kei girls on my Instagram and now I know the what, where, why’s of the fashion – I’m curious. Not enough to try the style, I think I’m a little too old for it, but hey I might follow one or two of these girls. Especially since the Jirai girl is going to become a popular anime troupe I think.

Both fashion related, but music related is this month’s musical feature; “Bad Gals” by Hanjuku tamago tchi or Soft-boiled Egg. Make sure to pop in some headphones and lower the volume before listening; “bad bitch” is a compelling hook, and the bass is no joke. It’s an ear-worm and honestly, it bangs. I promise the chorus will get you. It’s also an awesome look at the fashion and subculture of past and current gal/gyaru’s.


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