September 2022 Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to the monthly favorites that never fail! I’m a little tight on time, mostly since I almost forgot to get this scheduled but here we are! Without much fanfare let’s go on and get into the best stuff!

I’m scheduling myself to re-watch Kairo this October because spooky season is upon us. And well, youtube for better or worse knows me all too well. I really loved this dissection of a very small, but oh so good scene in the film. No spoilers, but fantastic analysis.


Kicking us off is “6 Reasons To Watch: Princess Tutu” from Reasons to Anime. Anytime I see Princess Tutu getting recognition, I have to show it off too. So, be sure to give their post a read, and watch Princess Tutu!


We have from Krystallina of Daiyamanga with “Manga Review – La Magnifique Grande Scène“. It’s a review of another, significantly more recent ballet manga so you know it’s up my alley. I’m utterly curious to see what I can dig up on this later, be sure to give it a read to see if it’s your thing too!

There’s also “I’m Obsessed with Blue Lock” by The Otaku Exhibition. It’s a fantastic post dedicated to manga soon to be an anime sports series. As a fellow SPORTS! anime/manga aficionado I couldn’t resist reading this post, and of course recommending for you guys to read as well.

JDramas and Movies

Sarah Writes Reviews blogged “Review: Saiai“. In 2021, Saiai took the JDrama world by storm! It still gets a ton of references to even in 2022, but it wasn’t a title I was interested in initially. Reading Sarah’s review, I can see why it became as hyped and well liked as it is and therefore you should give it a read as well!

Off of WordPress and on MDL users mjf314 and Cho Na wrote “A Brief History of Japanese Dramas“. It’s a well researched, and succinct read about one of my favorite things. Be sure to give it a look if you’ve always been at a loss about my JDrama reviews and things.

Back on WordPress is mosaicboy’s Interest Nook, with “A Slice of Second Lead Syndrome Fatal Four Way Edition: Good Morning Call“. While I haven’t seen Good Morning Call, it’s always fun to see what worked and what didn’t from other people’s posts. So for fans or those just curious about the series be sure to give it a read!

And that my readers, is all I have this month. While I did listen to music, I didn’t have a track come to mind for a feature. Hopefully I’ll something for you next month!



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