August 2022 Monthly Favorites

Hello and welcome back to the Monthly Favorites. I’m going to be perfectly honest, this month’s selections are the slimmest yet. That’s not a reflection the community of course, but on me. I was on vacation and didn’t make the time to interact like I normally do. Nonetheless I hope you find at least one part of this interesting.

Not much for me to update about. So yeah… let’s go ahead and jump into the feature. Sorry to start out so rough from the jump.

This one is a little more difficult to recommend, but I think an important watch nonetheless. This being about the Himeyuri Students of Okinawa during WWII by the youtuber Into The Shadows.


From Animated Observations is “THE OBSERVATION DECK: WOLF’S RAIN“. Wolf’s Rain is an amazing series and I will always love seeing folks still sing it’s praises all these years later. So a must-read for those who haven’t seen this series, and for those that have.

From Reasons to Anime is “5 Reasons To Watch: Flying Witch“. It’s another series that I love. One that’s pretty close to home since it’s based in the prefecture where I live lol. But still, it is the series that made me understand the concept of ‘healing’ anime.


From MDL, users Aehsassy and laia put together a really through editorial with “Recommendation Masterlist: Fantasy & Supernatural Themed Jdramas“. It’s a must-read for any drama watcher new or old for some interesting JDrama picks!


From Appears there is “Johnny’s, KinKi Kids, and a Macro Snapshot of J-pop History“. I always love reading Appears posts and this is no exception. It’s incredibly well written and super informative as always. If you’re curious about Johnny’s KinKi Kids, and more this is your post!


From Grand Admiral Napier (BibloNyan) of BiblioNyan is “Short Story Release: Executive Order 786 By S.N. Mu“. It’s very exciting that more of their creative writing has been released so be sure to check it out when you can! Their official links is on THEIR blog post so be sure to click through!

Am I excited for the newest HiGH&LOW installment? Not particularly – I think the franchise has long since worn out it’s welcome and is getting repetitive at this point. BUT it still has a banger of a soundtrack, and we finally get my boy Riku a solo song~ So I have that to look forward to in the film!

With that said, I’ll see you guys next month with a larger feature on the horizon!



  1. Hope you enjoyed your vacation 🙂. Thanks for the recommendations, (little though they are lol). Has the soundtrack of H&L Cross been released yet? All I’ve been seeing are snippets of songs here and there.

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    • I did! It was very refreshing.

      As far as I know, I don’t think the entire soundtrack in full is out. I haven’t seen an official announcement abut it thought. Probably on the 9th.

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