July 2022 Monthly Favorites

Hello there folks, and welcome back to one of my two reoccuring features – the Monthly Favorites. July seems to have come and went for me. A good and a bad thing between the JLPT N2 (don’t ask please), paperwork I had to do for real life stuff, and all that it feels like I didn’t have much time for blogging despite my schedule being full!

Next month I’m returning back to some anime roots in order to be a bit more fair to viewers of my blog. It’s been pretty live-action heavy these past few months. So do look forward to that, as well as a few manga related posts as well. If you’re looking for more from me my Instagram is popping with in-between content @phoenixtalks_insta. Mostly pretty pictures for you to ooh-ahh at.

But before you get to the good stuff, here’s an interesting video essay that Youtube decided to plunk onto my homepage. Had I heard about 7Seeds before this video? No. Did I know anything about 7Seeds before this video? Also no. But I am willing to listen to any passionate fan talk about their favorites even if it’s lament what could have been. Which is what Colleen of Colleen’s Manga Recs on Youtube informed me of via the following video!


New to me is mosaic boy of mosaicboy’s Interest Nook with “How Dororo changed my opinion on the samurai/historical genre” which I of course love. I love seeing series that I adored from the start, impact other’s as well. It’s a wonderful look at Dororo of course, so be sure to check it out!

From Moyatori of The Moyatorium is “Ranking 12 Times Dvorak’s New World Symphony was Used in Anime“. It’s a really cool look at a unique aspect of anime, which is the music. Specifically using classical music within anime, which happens a lot more then we think!


From Anime Hanabi is “Tsundoku an my many manga monster” which is a very relatable feeling. I know that somehow unintentionally piled up about… twenty-two volumes of manga in the to be read pile. This post metaphorically kicked me in the butt a bit to start buckling down and reading more of it. So thank you for that~ Be sure to give it a read if you need a similar nudge.

Another new to me blog is Big Red Nerd, and their post “Wandance Volume One” a review post. And well, I read their post and was incredibly interested in the title so I went and bought it the following weekend. It’s well worth mentioning if it moved me enough to make a purchase! So read their review, and go pick up the first volume of Wandance.

I learned something new this month, and I think you should too. Thanks to Mangakast’s insight on the post “Dom/Sub Verse Introduction“. I mean, it’s an off-shoot of A/B/O style yaoi and it’s an interesting sub genre for those like those things. At least I found it informative.

JDramas and Movies

Thoughts On: Kikazaru Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte” from Timescout of A Touch of Drama. Their post in really informative on this series. It sounds like the perfect slice of life story, without the excessive stakes and drama of other contemporaries. It’s a pleasent read of a series that sounds pleasent all around.

New to me is J.R. from The To Watch Pile is “The Machine Girl (2008)“. It’s a review of the horror gore series that I believe is a bit of a cult classic in it’s circles. I think I’ve read and even featured a different review (years ago) of this story. But this post hits different I might just bump this title up to a higher priority in my own to watch pile.

From Stories Under My Bed is “koisenu futari and a thing or two about starting a family without love“. It’s not a review so much a love letter to Koisenu Futari the series. It’s so overwhelmingly crafted with love, and sincerity it’s gotta be read by more people.


J-Music Exchange/Rate ー SIRUP EP2 by SIRUP (Album Review)” by Leap250’s Blog is of course, a post I had to recommend. I mean it’s SIRUP! He’s my dude and it covers some of his older music that I need to go back and spin a bit myself.

There’s also Minty from Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers with “Music Monday | Shin Sakiura Feat. AAAMYYY— このまま夢で“. It’s a track where I was more intrigued by the featured then the main artist, but either way; give the post a read, and be sure to bump the track too!

Well, it’s one of my many musical queens taking this slot. Because well, I think her song embodies my feelings about this month really well…

See you guys next month!


  1. Yes! I recently discovered Colleen’s Manga Rec on Youtube! This was the video that got me to subscribe to her channel. Her other videos are impassioned and funny too! Love it! Awe, thank you for the shout out! I appreciate it much!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’ve been slowly going through her videos. It’s been so hard for find anime/manga content that I like there.

      And you’re most welcome!

      Liked by 1 person

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