June 2022 Monthly Favorites

Well folks, we are back at it again with another installment of the Monthly Favorites series. By now you all know how this series works so I won’t bore you too much.

As specifically for me, I will be back to posting every three-ish days or so. Mostly because I finally finished my A-Z Movie Challenge! The remaining reviews of those films will be all posted by the end of July so I do hope you enjoy reading them. I’m not going to lie, I do have a large sense of relief saying I’ve finished that. Now for the last seven dramas for the Drama Challenge!

Let’s go ahead and move on to what you guys care about – the actual features!


Well this is a first for me, but from a non-blogger is an MAL post entitled “Manga ‘”Oshi no Ko”‘ Gets TV Anime“. A good friend of mine in Japan posted about it first, and when I tell you I lost my shit a bit in public I really did. I feel vindicated in a way for “calling it”, but mostly I’m just pumped. I’m kinda iffy on Doga Kobo and some of the staff because well… this isn’t really an idol show so much as it’s a mystery/thriller. So only time will tell… (or maybe I’ll make a post talking about it later…

GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX – A TRUE CYBERIZED WORLD” by Scott, from Mechanical Anime Reviews. Do need to explain this? Probably not but just in case – Scott likes GITS, I like GITS, therefore I approve their message and share it here lol.

JDramas and Movies

Off of MDL, by user DramaHeroine is “Get the Look: Pretty Proofreader (Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko)“. As someone who watched it last year and absolutely loved the series – I this is such a fun post! Seeing all of Etsuko’s outfits showcased with pratical tips on how to replicate her style is always welcome.

Another one from MDL was written by user fanitha is “Drama Recommendation: Shizuka-chan to Papa“. It’s a really sweet piece about a drama I chose not to watch this time around. However, I’m always down for more JDrama related content and articles, so a boost for more people to read this recap!

Finally off of MDL an on to wordpress, from the blog Sam’s Rants, Raves and Reviews is “Battle Royale: Book to Film“. Battle Royale is one of my favorite franchises – I’ve read seen everything minus the sequel film, so seeing someone’s new perspective on the film and book was really enjoyable!


From Kevy Metal is “Album of the Week 24-2022: Dir En Grey – Phalaris“. Embarrassingly I haven’t gotten around to getting my copy for it yet, but I appreciate reading thoughts on the album as a primer.

AN iNTRO TO DENPA-KEi; OR “WHY DO SO MANY iDOL SONGS’ VOCALS SOUND LiKE THAT?”” is from Menhera Bat of DON’T TRUST iDOL. They’re a new to me blog, and honestly it’s really refreshing to read about this aspect of idol culture. It’s always been difficult to explain to most folks that certain idols are genre specific, i.e. Denpa-kei verses more standard vocalists. It’s really interesting read so be sure to peruse it!

Another off WordPress post is “Moon Prism Power Turn Up: Meet the IRL Japanese Girl Group Based Off ‘Sailor Moon’” by Tim Chan from Rolling Stone. SG5 being the combo unit of members of Happiness and iScream for international debut. While the article is a bit misleading; Sayaka, Ruri, Miyuu, Kaede are not previously part of Happiness – Happiness is still active, it’s not unclear if Rui will continue with iScream – she is. It’s very exciting to see the unit get this type of press already. I’m cautiously curious about the unit and will be following them of course!

An Awesome Blogger Update

Just wanted to spread the news that blogger, Crow has released their first novel Evolution’s Hand Book 1: Executive Action . Here is the link to Amazon to Order, and the link to Draft2Digital as ordering options. Of course this is their post announcing such a marvelous thing, so be sure to congratulate them if you haven’t.

And as always a little send off with a tune I’ve been jamming to non-stop. Am I potentially late to this? Maybe. Do I care? Not particularly. A good song is a good song.



  1. I’ve never been a fan of Sailor moon: too girly in my opinion lol. But I’ve always liked their soundtracks. I was pretty excited when I saw this on your Instagram being LDH trash that I am 😂. I find it ironic though that the girls are getting this when we’ve been complaining about LDH’s treatment of them and how they’re pushing the boys instead (don’t know of I’m making sense). Meanwhile it seems that the guys are being stalled. I remember that Gene wanted to be international from the start but apart from their concerts in UK and US way back then, nothing. Although at least BBZ and PCF seem off to a promising start. The idol article was kind of fun and crazy to read lol. As for Jdramas, I’m taking a break lol. Congratulations on completing your challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was like that with Sailor Moon too despite my BFF being super into it. Fingers crossed that this works out as a real start in the international game. I’m kinda curious what LDH is even thinking at this point, between this and the up in the air nature of BBZ and PCF. Someone said BBZ were suppose to do a 6 month stint in outside of Japan this year but I haven’t see anything confirming that.

      And thank you! One challenge down, one more to go!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, the 6 month stint thing is with PCF. They’re teaming up with a foreign company (LDH that is) on some kind of project with the two bands. BBZ has been mentioning it frequently. We’ll see eventually 🙂

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  2. Thank you very much for the mention! I somehow missed it in my comments — a couple of sites began helping themselves to my contents, and the pingbacks got flagged!

    I wish I had seen this earlier — it was a real thrill to see you mention it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re very welcome! I do my best to support when I can!

      Also sorry to hear about the other sites. Hopefully that’s been taken care of. >..<

      Liked by 1 person

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