An Ode to ‘X’

What started in in May of 1992, has born a legacy now 30 years strong,

A story that weaves together three friends, that is sure to lead to an apocalyptic end

A dragon of heaven, a dragon of earth, with fire and brimstone on the horizon

Tokyo’s babylon will perhaps fall, yet the small bird chirps

“The future has yet to be decided”

But 30 years have come and gone, the undecided future yet to be told

An animation showing what could be, but not being enough for someone like me

We can pray to the goddess of which there are four, to pause their playtime in other worlds

And return to this one known simply as “X”,

A brushstroke or two, perhaps one final image

If only to set fire to this magnum opus of yor, and silence the nonbelievers forevermore

If you can’t tell, it’s the approximate 30th year anniversary of CLAMP’s unfinished, and what I have long considered to be their magnum opus, series known as X or X/1999. You would not believe how long I spent trying to find the exact date this manga with sources, and allegedly it’s today.

I decided to try something a little different. Instead of titling a blog post ‘An Ode to X’ and writing as I usually do – I actually attempted an ode. Something interesting and celebratory which I found out is exactly what ode’s are suppose to inspire. Here’s hoping my passionate attempt does something similar.

Happy Anniversary X, may the future remain undecided so I can bask in what was, and remains to be for even longer. Cheers folks!


  1. Loved it, very poetic! I had no idea that was 30 years old! Though I’m a huge fan of Clamp, I’ve actually never read that one. I’ll have to look into it! Thanks for bringing to light a forgotten gem!

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    • Thank you! I’m glad it wasn’t a complete misstep.

      Yeah, X flies under the radar a lot since it’s been on haitus so long. I’m repeating myself so much, but it truly is my favorite work of theirs’s so I do hope you get the chance to read it soon!

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  2. Boy, 30 years! I’m not a manga reader in general but if I was, X would definitely be at the top of my to-read list. I did voraciously watch the anime though… both the movie and the series, even if the former was a bit of a trip as one of my first-ever exposures to anime, haha. The latter is still one of my all-times anime faves to date.

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    • Man, I would say now’s the time to get into it but without an ending in sight it’s hard to advise that lol.

      I have such distinct memories of the anime too! It was one that really left an impression on me too. And I’m glad to have found a kindred soul whose seen it!

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