April 2022 Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to the Monthly Favorites that always appear without fail. Sometimes the timing is weird, but nonetheless appear at the end of the month. I’m in a funky position, and not elaborating on that so let’s just get into it!

Now, you all know I love when people start talking about one thing, drop the mention casually about a live action something-something and carrying on. The ever iconic Sailor Moon, being one of those titles that had an actual Japanese live action adaptation, but two American un-released projects i.e. Saban Moon (live action & anime) and Team Angel (live action). I’m not gonna lie… if these surfaced to any capacity I would probably be among the first to watch.

Which is why the first part of “The Western World of Sailor Moon” by youtuber Bobdunga / Raven Simone immediately caught my attention. The information uncovered so far is fascinating, and I can’t WAIT for part two. So for the live acton junkies like me, this one is for you!


Kicking us off in the blog-o-sphere is Biblionyan with “Mecha-Doc (1984): A Super RadRetro Racing Anime I Didn’t Realize I Was Missing in My Life – Anime 1st Impressions“. It’s odd to admit it, but this post just really made me smile to see another blogger fall head over heels for a series. It’s a feel good read in that way, and a legitimate review and impression too!

In the racing genre (revival for 2023 anyone?) as well is “Speed Racer, a legendary classic.” by Castle of Red Reviews. It’s always nice to see older series being shown some love, and I had to spread this around since Speed Racer is near and dear to my heart too.

With the polarizing title of “Is Fruits Basket Overrated?” by The Otaku Exhibition, it’s a piece you have to read for yourself. It’s always interesting to see a different take on a favorite series, and see the idea of the blog change and develop as you read.


From Real Life Otaku, we have “Top 5 Good Manga That Turned Sour“. As much as I love reading a sparkling review, that will lead me to another sparkling manga – sometimes the opposite is a lot of fun to read too. It’s always interesting to read where a series fell off when it started out so strongly.

Then there’s “Manga Review – Having an Idol-Loving Boyfriend is the Best!, Vol.1” by The Runaway Chelsie Blog. I mean… I didn’t know this series was a thing, and as an wota myself – having an idol loving boyfriend does sound like a sweet deal!

JDramas and Movies

In the world of JDramas and a bit of KDrama goodness is Telzeytalks of Dramas With a Side of Kimchi with “Contract Drama Face-Off: Business Proposal vs. Only Just Married vs. The Full-Time Wife Escapist“. It’s a great comparison and contrast between three very popular contract marriage plots so those who are into the genre can figure out where to invest their time! Although personally, my heart will always lie with The Full-Time Wife Escapist. I mean… Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen got married for real after this drama!

From Oliver Ebisuno92 of Watching Asia Film Reviews is “Zokki (2021) [Film Review]“. It’s a film that I did make the trek out to see… but didn’t quite ‘get it’ enough to write a review. Luckily Oliver has us covered here!

It’s not a monthly favorites without music, and here’s my girls iScream with their lead track off their first album “i” that was released earlier this month! Be sure to stream and watch, it’s absolutely gorgeous!



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