March 2022 Monthly Favorites

Welcome back folks to the Monthly Favorites! My little contribution back to the community as I showcase some posts I came across this month.

A quick update from me – I’m making some fabulous progress on my challenges from the past two years. As you can tell by the increased posts about films in particular. I have a really good feeling that this is the year folks! I’m also glad I got my Swan review out too. If you haven’t I do ask you check it out since I’m really proud of it! Now to settle down and watch an anime title recommended by another blogger… should be easier then I think. In fact by the time this goes up I’ve probably already watched it… if I review it on top of it is another story. We’ll see.

From Youtube, I always get kicked the most interesting videos. This time being about Russian animators Yuri Norstein and Francheska Yarbusova, and 40 year production The Overcoat. Fascinating as well as terrifying, seeing the dedication of them and stop motion animation is stunning and well worth the 45 minute mini documentary.


Starting us off it Anime Hanabi with “Sports Anime for People that Don’t Like Sports Anime“. I love posts like this, especially since well I also like SPORTS! anime. So this one goes out to all you non-sports anime fans since there are so many good places to start!

From Fortress William there is “Anime Throwback: Spice and Wolf“, and I think throwback is the best word for this. I always love reading and reminiscing when titles like this come up. Even if I can’t always find the words to leave a comment (sorry!) but certainly worth the read and for sure a watch if you haven’t.

As you know, it’s March and therefore it’s Mecha March! So I have to feature a post from the creator that being “#MECHAMARCH2022: MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH S1“. I’m very nostalgic in general and seeing another blogger watch a series I love (despite my love/hate relationship with CLAMP). Well worth the read, and of course, well worth the watch too!

Diving Into The Mysterious- Notes on Children of the Sea” by Ren from Tea Time, is a wonderful look at a striking movie. Children of the Sea is a complex and interesting film, that seems to have quite the divide and this post might be able to provide insight in ways an average viewer hasn’t considered.


Kicking off our manga section is “10 BL Manga Series You Should Be Reading” by Blerdy Otome! If you’ve followed their content for any period of time, you know they’re the resident expert on BL series so I eagerly read their recommendations. As should you!

JDramas and Movies

From Kaori Shoji on the Japan Subculture Research Center is the blog post “Intimate Strangers: Mothers Without Sons—new suspense film explores the depths of human connection“, and this post has made me all the more desperate to see this film. Not just for Kamino Fuju’s role, but for the deeper exploration the film’s themes and ideas.

Wretched and Divine, i.e. Rose has roused a memory of a death game series… minus the dying part. “Tomodachi Game: Season 1, Season 2, & Movie Thoughts” was a well loved manga, then live action and soon enough to be an anime – so it makes sense that we all catch up with their post about the live action!

March of Movies by none other then Kapodaco of The Visualist’s Veranda is a noble project that covers way more films in genres and countries then just Japan. But… you all know I have my themes and their post “Day One: Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (March of the Movies 2022)” caught my attention. One, because it’s Godzilla duh. Two, because shortly after reading I saw this clip of Baragon and well… I love Rie Ota and Baragon now.

From a new to me blogger, JDramatastic we have “Age Harassment (2015) Jdrama review“. I found their analysis of the series to be really interesting and informative. And I’m looking forward to seeing their future thoughts on more dramas!

FairFarren, Alice. another new to this feature, posted “Koisenu Futari (恋せぬふたり) Understanding different perspectives in life“. It’s a really in depth look at the fourth episode of the series, all about the title of the blog. I found it super interesting, despite not having seen the series myself. Certainly worth a look if you’ve been looking for more Japanese content regarding aromatic/asexual representation.


I still listen to music I swear! Just in a more limited capacity, so seeing that Daemon of Homicidols blog “Where the Men At? : The Boys of Alternative Idol” is a nice edition. Niched genres always have interesting splits in audience and alt-idol is no exception. However, it’s nice to see the male counterparts get a bit of time to shine.

And with that, another month has come to a close! I’ll see you next post folks!



  1. For some reason, whenyou said ‘I still listen to music, i swear’ I laughed out loud. Now my colleagues at work think I’m nuts lol. I haven’t listened to music so much this month. The only thing recent I heard was Generation’s New World on youtube. Thanks for the recs. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know, that wasn’t intentional but I’m glad it gave you a let! Oh many, I haven’t watched New World yet – I have to get to that. And you’re most welcome!

      Liked by 1 person

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