January 2022 Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to your second favorite monthly feature from my blog. It’s a section I love putting together, despite me somehow not putting this together until the last moment. But better late then never!

Anywho, a quick update about me: passed the JLPT level 3 baby! That time off to study was in fact worth it! Super proud of that, and now it’s time to re-hunker down for level two in the summer… yeah. A constant work in progress there. Another fun little nugget is that I have one of my New Year Resolutions – Reading the whole original manga series of Swan by Ariyoshi Kyoko is done! Review coming soon! So… hell yeah!

Now we can pivot to the content that you’re here for!


Girls with guns? Check. In space? Check. Live action leading into an anime OVA? Check and well, you all know by now I’m sold. This being the premise of Iria: Zeiram the Animation, which was brought to my attention thanks to Scott’s post, “IRIA: ZEIRAM THE ANIMATION – INSERT CAPTION HERE LATER“. (Yes, they have not changed the caption yet lol)

While I’m fallen out of the 2D idol realm, I do like keeping tabs on the on-goings of what types of idol anime shows up. Luckily, both Omunibasu and Leap250 have being having the on-going conversation with “Two Idol Fans Have an In-Depth Chat About Selection Project, Part 1 (w/ Leap250)“. It’s been fascinating to read about Selection Project and where it overlaps with other series, and where it’s different. Part two is already out, and a part three coming soon!

The Gymnastics Samurai and The Ninja Ballerina” is a review from our resident SPORTS! anime fan Irina. Both us agree that this series for sure, needs more eyes on it. So check out their review (maybe even mine…) and get to watching!

After watching the live-action last year, I’m delighted to see some coverage of the animation of Blazing Transfer Student from Reasons to Anime’s post “Brief Thoughts On: Honoo no Tenkousei“. Consider this your reminder to to dig into these older OVA’s, okay?

From Crow’s World of Anime is “Fan Service Or Art?“. I’m still mulling this over myself, but Crow really makes a solid argument for reconsidering Fan Service and it’s usage.

Why Sweet Anime May Just Be What the Anime Community Needs This Winter 2022” by Karandi is a theme that I think that many seasonal viewers can agree with. At least those who are watching the sweet anime from this season and forgive me, it’s food for thought.

I’ll admit – I was one to judge the book by it’s cover here. I did not get the hype of After The Rain. At least at first. LitaKino’s post “AFTER RAIN COMES SUNSHINE” has at least convinced me that it’s not a weird age-gap series that makes my alarms go off. That perhaps, it’s significantly more nuanced then that. Also they happened to make a kick-ass AMV (which jesus I’ve never made one but the work that goes into these is amazing) that I couldn’t help but share here too.


Linking manga into anime in the best, speculative way is “12 More Manga I Want Adapted into Anime (and the Odds of That Happening)” by Aria. While I haven’t heard of or read many of these series – I love dreaming of the possibilities of what could come in the future!

BlerdyOtome has come in clutch for me by covering this series. Since, like many times, I watched the live-action before reading the manga. Of course, that being their blog post “My Love Mix-Up! Volume 1 & 2 Manga Review“. I’m thoroughly convinced that I do need to get to this series ASAP! Once I clear more of my already bought to be read pile…

JDramas and Movies

A newcomer to my blog is sndrsreviews with “9 SOULS (ナイン・ソウルズ) REVIEW“. It’s a little known film, or at least to my limited knowledge and it certainly sounds incredibly interesting. I’m thankful for them putting it on my radar!

From The Remote Resource is the beautiful blog post of “The many lives of Japanese cinema.“. It’s a short but sweet blog post about Japanese cinema and it’s unique charm points.

K&J Reviews brought my attention to Eroi Kareshi ga Watashi wo Madowasu, through their review “JDrama Review: Eroi Kareshi ga Watashi wo Madowasu“. I certainly overlooked it, and while it’s probably not going to blow my mind – I’m intrigued.

Also, I couldn’t pick just one review for this movie since well, it’s near and dear to my heart despite the commentary I offered last year. I’m talking about the mammoth 3-hour film Drive My Car, and the awesome reviews that have come out. The first of these reviews coming from Atul Maurya with “Drive My Car – Movie Review“. The second from Watching Asia Film Reviews with “Drive My Car (2021) [Film Review]“. And last, but not least, When Things Go Pop with “Grief and Art Intersect in the Slow and Steady Stunner ‘Drive My Car’“. Since it’s a three hour film you’re scoping out; I highly recommend reading all these before deciding to hunker down and watch.

While not related directly to Japan, it does fall into Movies and things I care about so here’s “Here’s Why Movie Dialogue Has Gotten More Difficult To Understand (And Three Ways To Fix It)” from slashfilm.com.


BeansSpilled, in their blog post “New generation of Johnny’s” – has got you covered. A quick run down of the newest groups and their thoughts, which I always appreciate seeing one Johnny’s wota to another.

Well, we have a bit of a double feature because, it’s my feature and I can do that! Of course, I am pushing my girlies iScream’s newest single so it’s right here for you:

And then my boys The Rampage from EXILE TRIBE got to showcase their talents on none other than THE FIRST TAKE channel. Please check them out and bandwagon their talent as vocalists is no joke, and they have the performers to back them up in live performances!

And that’s all I have for now! I’ll see you guys next month!



    • You’re most welcome! It’s been interesting to see all the different opinions coming about. It’s on my personal re-watch since I don’t think I ‘got it’ the first time.

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  1. I also really enjoyed After The Rain. It’s a genuinely well-told series I think (plus visually pretty stunning), and while the premise initially made me VERY wary back when it was airing, the show surprised me by how non-seedy it turned out to be.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. haven’t commented on your posts in a while, hope you’re doing well!!

    and I really do appreciate the shout-out! Selection Project was one heck of an anime, and I’m super glad you enjoyed our conversation on it 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you’re doing good as well! I’m hanging out and hanging in.

      No problem! It’s a really intriguing topic and it’s been so much to read!


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