November & December 2021 Monthly Favorites

It has been awhile, but I am back! After an unintentional haitus in November, I have that meaty double feature I have promised. I’ve consumed a lot of content these past two months, so let’s go ahead and jump into it. First, I’ve been digging video essays like nobody else, so let’s check some of them out.

I love Shanspeare’s videos. This Halloween video I watched in November is no exception. As I’m exploring horror as a genre through commentary and critique videos firstly and picking my titles selectively; this was a god send. It also explained why I’ve always been fascinated by horror conceptually, and why I’ve come to embrace it recently.

While I’ll always remember David Bowie as a musician first. But secondly, he is Jareth of Labyrinth forever and always. It’s always bothered me how much ‘purist’ fans of Bowie have disregarded Labyrinth, despite the fact that Bowie actually wrote most of the lyrics for the soundtrack, performed most songs, and contributed heavily in general to the music and ambiance of the film. I honestly could talk about this for ages but… this video does enough for me. It’s a bit long, but for Bowie fans or in general Labyrinth fans – well worth the watch.


Ah, Lain. Love it or hate it, Serial Experiments Lain. I find it so much fun to hear about or read about other’s experiences with the series. And that’s what I found in “Everything Is Connected: A Review of ‘Serial Experiments Lain’ – by Jacob Wingate-Bishop” from the Splendid Fred Magazine. For those who haven’t seen Lain in a bit, be sure to give this a read and see if it’s your speed.

From Reasons to Anime, we have “Brief Thoughts On: Tobira wo Akete“. I’ve been made aware more and more of all the anime I have yet to watch, especially since from the past. Tobira wo Akete being one of those titles I’m utterly curious to watch in the coming year.

Now we pivot to the more recent anime offers, from earlier this year with “Horimiya (Merry Days of Anime 2021)” from The Visualist’s Veranda. They don’t share my same feelings on the series, and I totally respect that. So I find it important to share those posts as much as the ones that fawn over the series.

Annie has reminded me of this series got an anime with “First impressions: Devil’s Line“. Oh man did this bring back some memories, but written in a way much more nicely then I could ever do it! Be sure to give it a read, since you’ll probably pass on actually watching the anime.


So now we pivot to the manga section of this feature with “Suki tte Ii na yo. / Say “I Love You.” by Hazuki Kanae” as reviewed by MangaKast. This is a title that I’ve always heard about, never read past the first volume, but found myself reading MangaKast’s commentary and digging up a few memories about it. It’s also just nice to see some ‘older’ (is 2008/2014 considered old now?) series get a bit of limelight again.

Even further back is KS blogs with “Cromartie High School: First impressions” – which isn’t a title I’m particularly interested in by KS Blogs is so passionate about. You can feel how much they enjoyed the story and wanted to share it, and that in turn made me want to share this post. So, here we are lol!

This is manga adjacent, and actually is actually something I’m pretty passionate about is “I Have An Idea for a Provisional Scanslation Licence” by Irina of I Drink and Watch anime. I feel like this idea is my dream circumstance for scanlators and printing companies alike! It’s certainly much more accurate to the legitimate issues and troubles. I might just be a dork that way though, so milage will vary here?

From Tea Time, they posted “The art of Mari Okazaki“. Which is an author that I thought I had read before since their art style really resonated with me. Turns out I haven’t but I probably should, and I think you should give this blog and Mari Okazaki a look over too.

New to my feature is Bunka Bento with “Explorations of Disability Through Manga: Rie Aruga’s Perfect World“. Which I’m so glad this series is still getting recommended and talked about. It’s such a good series that I think really allowed a lot more stories (looking at A Sign of Affection here) to get told. I really appreciated the bunkabento’s thoughts, and I think everyone should give it a read just to be in the loop.


From Beyond Senpai we have an interview with “The Heana Cat In-Between The Lines“. It’s a really nice interview and incredibly insightful to the art and artist!

And that, is all for now. I’ll see you next year with a new edition, so be sure to check it out then!



  1. Hi thank you so much for the mention, this is a brand new blog which I’ve being doing as part of a masters degree in Japanese studies, so I really wasn’t expecting my content to be mentioned anywhere :). Have a lovely new year!

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  2. Oh my God, someone actually liked that post. I really thought I was writing it just for me and I’m so happy to see someone else is interested in thosenotions. I mean the paperwork is rarely sexy but it is important…

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