October 2021 Monthly Favorites

It’s the feature that never fails, it makes me want to flail my hands, it’s the ever beloved Monthly Favorites hosted by me! RisefromAshes! What a time to be alive! It’s been a pretty busy month for me, personally between my work, life, and blog. Somehow, I’ve been pretty good about balancing all of it more or less.

This month I have quite the collection of posts for you to check out, so let’s go ahead and start!

Sometimes Youtube likes to bless my recommended. One such is the below video, which is nearly an hour long, but 100% worth it. The world of yesterday, the anime OVA and some of the absolutely insane stuff that got produced and how that went over when it went global. Youtuber Hazel does a great job of incorporating history, their thoughts, and some pretty dope recommendations in there too.


Tying in nicely to the video feature, is actually Scott’s post “The Magic of Older OVAs“. It’s fascinating to see a bunch of different areas of my online sphere blend together. If you haven’t gotten into OVA’s it’s clearly a sign we should.

And that’s where K At The Movies with their review of “Call Me Tonight OVA (1986)” ties in. I’m not going to lie this OVA is a bit notorious in my other corners of the internet given how absolutely insane it is. But that’s what makes it fun, and certainly has landed on my PTW list.

Now we’re going to pivot away from OVA’s into currently airing. But we have another two for one from two excellent bloggers. Of course, we’re talking about first impressions of Visual Prison, because my post just isn’t enough. We have Karandi’s much appreciated straight forward blog of “Watch or Drop? Is Visual Prison Worth Watching?“. And the much more excited impression of Mercedez Clewis on Anime Feminist with “VISUAL PRISON – Episode 1“.

There’s also this blog by A Nerdy Perspective with “Why Reverse Isekai Feels Refreshing and Relatable“. I’m not going to lie, I dunk on Isekai’s a lot. The Reverse Isekai as discussed here, makes significantly more sense to me and is more appealing.

The Art of Adaptation with CLAMP” by Irina immediately got my attention. After all I’m rather notorious about my opinions of the group, so I’m always game to read a take different from my own. And this piece really did get me to think, especially since it’s about Chobits. I highly recommend taking a read if you’re a CLAMP fan, just to make sure you’re really ‘watching’ these anime adaptations.

A newcomer to this feature, we have Big River Anime Reviews with “Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls Revisit – Full First Season Episode Review“. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this particular title in the blog-o-sphere as I made my thoughts clear. But it’s nice to see it still has it’s audience and much more succinct reviews about it.


Abara: Complete Deluxe Edition By Tsutomu Nihei [Manga Review]” by Matt Doyle Media is a succinct but complete review of the series. It sounds gorgeous both in terms of art, as well as being a physical copy so it’s certainly ended up on my plan to read list! Be sure to check out the review and Abara!

JDramas and Movies

From Ro’s Recz we have “Best Japanese TV Shows to Watch on Rakuten Viki: My Fair Prince“. I can’t believe I didn’t hear anything about this project, so luckily Ro’s is around to fill me in. Bonus points that it’s on Viki so it’s subbed for those interested~

Love Thy Drama has taken on an ambitious project of 31 Days of Horror, which includes some extensive coverage of J-Horror. Their first entry is “31 Days of Horror – Day 1: Innocent Curse“, with plenty more to search up.

Manga/JDrama: Kinou Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?)” by mangalover93 is a two for one in a single post! It’s a really insightful post comparing the original and adaptation, as well as some well appreciated fangirling!

In the world of remakes, we have musings of dramaholic with “Drama Battle: ‘Solomon No Gisho’ (Japan) vs. ‘Solomon’s Perjury’ (South Korea)“. I’m aware of both titles, but yet have to watch either. However, I really liked seeing the author’s thoughts, especially since they’re a really big fan of the original. And it may or may not have inspired me to maybe… whenever I get around to it give either version a shot.


I always appreciate those that are willing to open up via their connection with music about some on-goings in their lives. In “Finding Catharsis in Nicole Dollanganger’s “Angels of Porn II”” by Jenn. It’s a really intense piece, but it really shows that music, regardless of genre, always connects with someone.

An article that’s a bit older, but got a chuckle and made me think a bit is ロッカー’s “Subgenres and Visual Kei: Everyone is Wrong Except Me“. That title describes me so well back in my fledgling bandgya days more then I’d like to admit. But it does raise some important points since there is a ton of mistranslation that we, the collective Western Visual Kei community, have run with for a long time. It’s also just a good primer for those looking for some idea of how/why groups are split into sub-genres.

Amazing Posts that don’t fit my categories above

Jon Spencer brought up a great discussion point in regards to modern streaming, accessibility, and even a bit of the subs vs. dubs debate. “Found in Translation – A Discussion on Accessibility in Media“, there’s a lot of points that I rarely ever think about regarding media. Which makes for a great piece to read through multiple times and have some in real life discussions about.

Now I’ll let you go, but not before encouraging you to listen to “LIVING IN THE DREAM” by The Rampage from EXILE TRIBE. Admittedly, this has not been the year for me to really dig into a ton of new music. But revisiting the ‘Jr.’ EXILE TRIBE groups and listening to their latest materials has been a real treat.

With that posted, I’ll see you guys next month!


  1. I’m definitely interested in that Call me tonight 😉 I tried watching Solomon’s perjury (Japan) but I couldn’t get into the first 10 minutes. Maybe I’ll try again. And yes, Jr. Exile’s recent releases have been a treat. I especially like their tribute singles to celebrate Exile’s 20th year. And Living in the dream is amazing

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m hoping to dig into Call Me Tonight soon myself. Just sounds like too much fun. I’ll have to wait and see with Solomon’s Perjury as it seems a bit too heavy for me at the moment.

      Jr. Exile has been killing it with the tribute singles. Gene’s version of “Super Shine” is my favorite so far. What’s yours?


      • It’s Super Shine as well 🤣. The only one I had mixed feelings about was No Limit and that’s because I felt that it didn’t suit the Rampage’s vocals and energy. But that’s it. Solomon’s Perjury is kind of heavy in my opinion

        Liked by 2 people

      • Super Shine just hits different! No Limit has grown on me a lot. When it comes to the performance I feel like only The Rampage has the numbers to fully pull it off. And that makes sense, Solomon’s Perjury will have to wait then lol

        Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I’m certainly interested of course! CLAMP being so popular, seeing all the iterations of their works and how they stack up is really interesting!

      Liked by 1 person

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