What I’ve seen in terms of Anime recently

Hello again my followers and those that stumble upon my ramblings. I’m not going to lie; I’ve been in a rut when it comes to anime. I have a three-ish year cycle where I’m super into anime and all things related to it, then I wander off for a bit finding new stuff, and eventually stumble back. I came stumbling back into anime when I kicked off my blog in hopes of avoiding this but… alas some habits are hard to change. At least now I have a community I’ve managed to seek out, and those that seek me out to keep myself better rooted.

I’d feel disingenuoius writing full reviews about these series. I don’t want those that read my blog for my anime thoughts to be short changed though. That would just be unfair. I watched these to entertain myself and not much more. I don’t have particularly deep thoughts or long thoughts that fit my usual review style. There’s one larger exception, but I’ll explain when we get there.

So here’s a breif rundown of what I’ve seen the past few months.

Kono Danshi, Sekka ni Nayandemasu.

This Boy Suffers from Crystallization

This is one where I went in pretty blind. I came across it shifting through Hulu Japan’s offerings. At a single episode of 27 minutes I figured it wouldn’t be that bad, especially since I thought the concept was interesting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good. The animation was unique, but feel was closer to a moving comic verses a true animation. The predatory relationship of a student and the school nurse didn’t help either. Overall, it’s a no from me, not worth the effort to watch.

Marudase no Kintarou

I saw Irina’s review, felt the need to confirm it all for myself, so I did. I… don’t have much more then that. It’s nine minutes, I don’t think it’ll hurt anyone to just watch and experiance it for yourself.

Panda Kopanda

Panda! Go Panda!

I had always known there was a lesser recognized predecessor to the beloved Totoro. So I was really excited to see this was in the Hulu catalogue and I cozied myself up for a rather sweet story of Mimiko, Papa and Baby Panda and their cute adventures. It’s dated, the voice acting and recording being a bit iffy volume wise but nonetheless warmed my heart to experiance myself. There’s just something so pure about these older animations, and something so timeless of the childish wonder of what if a father-son duo of Pandas arrived at your house? What adventures would you have?

It’s very cute, and I do recommend it for some light content.

Sherlock Hound MOVIE 1

Sherlock Hound Movie 02

It’s two more early Hayao Miyazaki directed projects, which I always had an inkling existed but never see mentioned too often. I’m not too sure how widely available it is actually, but it’s Miyazaki so I’m sure there’s some cult following behind it. Again, another Hulu Japan gem even if these ‘movies’ are actually just two episodes of the series packaged together. The 1980’s were a time to be alive apparently.

I thought both of them were pretty good. A little disconnected for the reason above, but overall not bad. Much like aforementioned Panda Kopanda, it’s very charming. The art is certainly time stamped, but the characters and animation holds up very well. This take on Sherlock Holmes is probably as close as I’ll ever get to the true experience and I’m okay with that. It has Miyazaki’s fingerprints, from the usage of flight machines, explosions and the flair of action and comedic elements, all over it.

It’s certainly got me curious to see how this looks in the fully actualized series, but alas Hulu didn’t have it available. And I just don’t quite have the motivation to hunt it down elsewhere, but if I come across it again I’ll certainly give if a go.

Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime


Now, this is one where I do have a bit of explaining to do. As I could and initially did want to do a full review of this film. It’s highly anticipated, and honestly while it plays into some earlier established themes and ideas of Hosoda Mamoru it’s very good. Actually better then good, since I fully intended to see this in theaters twice.

I went to the theaters immediately, and watched it entranced between the striking animations, moving story, and quiet frankly some of the best music I’ve heard in months from an anime soundtrack. Honestly, if this film isn’t on your radar it should be. It’s exceptional and worth shelling out the cash to see it in the theater if you can for the full experiance. I sincerely mean that.

It’s just this time I got hung up on my dialogue comprehension. I’ve reviewed quite a few seen in theater films, without full comprehension and without too much trouble. Considering the huge name behind this one, I got a bit hung up on this point. Perhaps I was missing out on a critical bit or piece that would change my review. In retrospect I don’t think this is the case, but at the time it was a valid concern of mine. I thought I would be going back to see it with closed captioning but circumstances beyond my control happened and that didn’t come to fruition.

It’s still a really fucken cool movie, and I’m glad I saw it.

That’s where I’ve been at the past few months in terms of anime. Nothing too mind boggling, just a lot of shorter easier content to keep my anime palette in tact. This post is also born of my inability to read correctly as Visual Prison is being released the day this goes up. I can’t both watch and review a new series in a single day. I take too much time to edit for that lol. So it’ll be the next post… probably. It’s coming.

If there’s any shorter series, OVA’s or ‘mini’ series you’d recommend me to keep myself in the anime loop be sure to drop them below. Otherwise, I’ll see you in that promised first impressions post in the coming days!


    • Movies are my biggest weakness. The main reason I usually don’t get around to anime series lol. But I’m glad a few of these got your interest!

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  1. First, the fact that my Kintarou review inspired anyone fills me with joy! Second, I have been wanting to watch Bell since it was announced but so far I don’t have access to it. This post makes me a bit jealous…

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    • That’s always the best feeling! It’s such a odd little title.

      I’m sure it’ll be coming to theaters soon. I think it’s getting an international debut in the coming months. I read somewhere it was having it’s showcase in Ireland soon, and I know it’s been ripped elsewhere… >..>

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