September 2021 Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to my monthly feature film that highlights the best (in my opinion of course) the WordPress blog-o-sphere has to offer. I’m always welcome to newcomers, so if you have any blogs that should’ve been on my radar this month; drop them down below.

This month is a very streamlined version of events as I’ve been a bit pressed for time. I sincerely apologize for any spelling/grammatical errors in this one. But without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into these recommendations.


I am a sucker for lists that say along the lines of ‘blank thing for people who don’t like blank thing’. Those are always so interesting to me, and luckily we have one such post for you here! “Robot anime for people who don’t like Robot anime“, by Anime Hanabi. The title is self explanatory, and the content is superb! Be sure to check it out!

If you checked out my favorite characters post early this month, especially the ‘A’ entry this feature shouldn’t come as a surprise. Irina of I Think and Watch Anime posted, “Princess Tutu – Of Adorable Ducklings and Frightening Swans“. Again, I’m a sucker anyone talking about series near and dear to my heart, and this is no exception. Check the blog post, and be sure to watch Princess Tutu.

For some reason Witch Hunter Robin has always been a title I’ve vaguely been aware of, but didn’t have real context for. Luckily, we have Biblionyan with “Anime Recommendations: 5 Reasons to Watch Witch Hunter Robin” to better explain this rather under discussed series! It’s certainly got my interest!

From The Otaku Exhibition, we have “Horimiya: The Art of Butchering an Adaptation“. Which as someone whose recently re-watched this series, and loved it the title of this blog got me a bit. But in the best sort of way, as it’s a great read to see the opinion of someone who read the manga and then saw the adaptation. Be sure to give it a read if you still need convincing on Horimiya!


A newcomer to this feature, Kvasir 369 got me intrigued with their blog “A Dark Look at Various Creative Industries (Oshi no Ko)“. Of course, anything in the realm of idols usually does but this piece especially with how in depth Kvasir goes to explain what chapters available is something special. It’s currently on going, and has some attractive art to go with an intriguing premise. Be sure to check this review out and see if we need to start petitions for an official translation.

Another newcomer to this feature section is The Wonder of Anime with their post, “In the Clear Moonlit Dusk Volume 1 | The New Type of Shoujo We Didn’t Know We Needed“. I’d like to think I’m not so easily swayed when it comes to manga purchases but… I think I need to re-evaluate that. This post had me so tempted to pick this series up, but for now it’s on the ‘PTR’ list for me! Make sure to give this a look since it’s already on shelves!

JDramas and Movies

From Anime Feminist, specifically author Nerissa Mercer got my attention immediately with “Queer Subtext and Representation in Kamen Rider“. Kamen Rider is a franchise that I have a vague understanding of just simply through my consumption of various Japanese live action series, but I have never actually watched a part of it yet. It’s on the list. But, I do know there is some discussion and at times contention about various elements, including queer subtext, within the franchise, so seeing this extrapolated on here was really interesting to read. I hope that fellow drama lovers give this a read to better understand one of the most beloved live action franchises in Japan.

Many know I’m a lurker on MDL, so it’s no surprise that from time to time I see articles there that I’d like to share here. The first is “A Ultra Fan Guide to: Kurosawa Akira” which is a collaboration piece between the users Old_Anime_Lady and betun. It’s a succinct but through look at one of Japan’s best directors, and personally my favorite at the time of writing. Being an approachable look at director whose influenced Japanese cinema as we know it today, and well into the Western sphere of film!

The second MDL article is “Watching a Remake: Kanojo wa Kirei datta” by user Cho Na. I’m always curious to see how a remake especially a Korean to Japanese one goes over with the audience, I’m pleasantly surprised by the results discussed in this article. It really shows how the right combination of factors and audience receptiveness can really work out well!

And with that, I’ll leave you with iScream’s latest single “himawari” from earlier this month. I’ve gushed about it earlier, so if you missed that head back to my blog or just click down below!


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