August 2021 Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to the monthly feature I do that people seem to really enjoy reading, and I really enjoy putting together! What a mutually beneficial relationship! This month, we have quite the feature; waifus, reviews, commentaries, and more!

Without further delay, let’s jump right into this!

So… was I the only one who didn’t know there was a Penguin who had an anime waifu? Legitimately a penguin living in Japan to boot? Like I didn’t expect this combination of factors, nor to cry over Grape-kun and his waifu Hululu from Kemono Friends, but that was me earlier this month. Join me and remembrance of the penguin who lived every anime fan’s dream!


In a glut of new shows, sometimes you want something short and probably sweet. Luckily, Tea Time has us covered with “Girls’ & Boys’ Love Shorts Not to Miss“. It’s given me a ton of ideas of titles to maybe get me back into anime… but more importantly it’s more titles for you, dear reader, to have on your radar.

Watch or Drop? Is Night Head 2041 Worth Watching?” by Karandi on 100 Word Anime, answers the all important question prior to starting a series. Which, personally is helping me nudge myself back into anime watching at least when it comes to currently airing stuff.


First up in manga is Mangakast with “Aru Droid no Ohanashi / A Story about a Droid by Ishiyumi“. Is it another twitter based manga that hasn’t taken off yet? Yes. Am I on board with androids and twitter artists? Also yes and you should be too!

From Al’s Manga Blog we have “Happy Kanako’s Killer Life Vol 1“. A viral hit on twitter that has managed to already get picked up and translated so quickly! This review makes several solid points on the series, especially in translation quirks that might make or break your experiance with it.

JDramas and Movies

From gromitt from the blog Music, Japanese Literature we have “Top Japanese Dramas“. It’s always interesting to see people’s individual picks in short but succinct form.

We have a double feature from Irina and Brendan all about live action titles, specifically with Cowboy Bebop live action nearly upon us. The first half, “Live-ing the Dream: The Pros and Cons of Anime Live Adaptions part 1” and the second half “Live-ing the Dream: The Pros and Cons of Anime Live Adaptions, Part 2“. I always enjoy insight on live actions outside of my bubble, and they both have some great ideas on the subject!


From Evening Tea Musings we have “Spill the tea: looking back at old posts“. I’m quite the fan of looking back at your work. Often even, embarrassingly often actually. But that’s post for a different day. I really enjoyed Annie’s thoughts, and I think you guys will too.

We have a recent offering from Jenn of Welcome to Hell Zone! “Having trauma doesn’t mean you can only consume mild, boneless art.“. It’s a heavier topic and perhaps not one that every reader needs to dive right into, but I do recommend bookmarking this one and coming back to it. I know I did in order to finally comment and read it again. Well worth the read.

And with that, I leave you with this month’s music pick! Dance for Philosophy is always a treat, and this track has grown on me a lot in the short time I’ve been listening to it. Otherwise, I’ll see you next post!


  1. I do enjoy reading these even though I don’t do anime (weelll, I’ve watched a fair share of donghua…) or manga. 🙂

    I also find it interesting to see other people’s drama picks. My jdrama ones are mostly older too. Yasashii Jikan is one of my all time faves and I actually rewatched it again earlier this year. Sora Kara is one I ended up rewatching (for reference) in 2018 when the Korean remake came out. The jdrama has it’s flaws but it’s also much better than the Korean one.

    I revisit my older posts every once in a while and while I don’t mind them, warts and all, it is kinda saddening to see how enthusiastic and gleeful I used to be about dramas. Alas, no more. Sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad that you still come and check these out regardless! That makes me really happy.

      I haven’t seen most of their picks, but it’s gotten me thinking a bit harder about my own favorites recently. I had no idea that Sora Kara got a Korean remake!

      I know the feeling. Sometimes I revisit my posts and go, man I felt so different about this series then! And well, your drama wind will come back sometime. It might take more time though.


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