Nendoroid’s I Wish Were Real

I didn’t think I would ever be the type to collect figures. In the early years of my fandom, I simply didn’t have the money to buy them even when I saw them. Availability and quality, were all very questionable and what little there were in person, were super over priced in most cases. So I just decided I wouldn’t be that particular type of collector.

As the years have gone on, I have ended up with quite a few Nendoroids (Nendo’s) unintentionally. I bought my first one after a live action franchise, HiGH&LOW, announced that the main character Cobra would be released soon. H&L being one of my favorite series of all time, in addition to the limited merchandise available, I bought him without much thought. Similarly when Masaki and Hiroto were announced I bought them as well, because they are a set and I love them dearly.

I realized I might actually even be a fan of the company when I saw that Hyakkimaru from Dororo had been announced and I pre-ordered without thinking. As the pandemic has worn on my favorite pastime has been online window shopping for goods. I’m pretty strict on my budget, and what characters I would actually pay good money for their Nendo is fairly small. Which got me day dreaming while scrolling through Good Smile’s listings about the characters that if they dropped tomorrow, I would open my wallet and buy them.

So let’s check out my picks! Very few will be surprises, but it’s always fun to dream and discuss what could be!

My first would be none other than Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. Preferably in one of her stories from Stand Alone Complex and back. I was stunned to see that the Tachikomas, all three versions, two of which I own, had been made so why not the Major too?

Similarly, as soon as Hyakkimaru had been released, I knew I wanted Black Jack and Pinoco. Actually, there’s a lot of Osamu Tezuka characters I would pay good money for a Nendo form of. But, keeping my dreams in check, I’d settle for a Black Jack Nendo of any type. The idea of tiny scalpels and scissor accessories will be like advanced Polly Pocket-esque madness with trying to not losing any pieces.

To no one’s surprise, Subaru and Hokuto of Tokyo Babylon would be on here. It has to be both of them announced at the same time, serial numbers back to back. I will have have neither be discriminated against, okay? I would prefer the original Tokyo Babylon style, but if the reboot makes this happen I won’t complain too much. They would just be so much fun to see on my shelves and harass my own twin with them.

Seishirou is invited too only if he doesn’t kill anyone during production.

Additionally, I have to mention the cast of SK8. I have fallen deep for this series. I am obsessed and not in the same way I usually am with sports series. I have been praying to my own figure collection that we will eventually be blessed with SK8 figures at least, Nendo’s at best, sometime in the future. Most likely at least Reki and Langa, but I have a feeling Miya, Joe and Cherry might have garnered enough popularity as well. Cross your fingers and join my voiceless prayers to the fickle figure Nendo gods that this will happen!

Shadow and Tadashi are invited without any requirements. Adam is on thin ice.

Also as an homage to series gone by, I would love for any character of Whistle! to get a figure. If there was a voting period for which characters would be up for creation it would most likely be Shigeki, Tatsuya, Seiji or Sho. All of whom I hold near and dear to my heart, and literally any character, any outfit I would throw all my money at immediately. This is more or less a pipe dream at this point, but I can always pray for a Nendo related miracle!

Lastly, and this is more because I cry at how bad Bandai did the Ahiru no Sora crew in terms of figures. I was so ready to be that sports anime fan, and commit to Kuzu Kou. They were going to be my team of choice, dammit! Especially when they announced both Sora and Tobi were getting figures, I nearly immediately ordered both but I looked at their faces and just… no. They were so wonky looking. I actually called my fellow Ahiru no Sora friend, and consulted her and she told me that I needed to go with my heart but for nearly $50 a pop… I think it’s par for the course in quality (according to serious figure collector friends) but not the quality I would be looking for with that purchase. So I am crossing my fingers that one day they will be redeemed with very cute Nendo’s. Or at least better figures for an anniversary or something.

So that’s my, rather large admittedly, list of dream Nendoroids that aren’t real… as of writing. I’m curious to hear about what Nendo you guys have in your collections, or what character’s you’d like to see in Nendoroid form in the comment section. With that, I’ll see you next post!


  1. Nendoroids are so cute, but I try to avoid them since they are so cute and there’s so many I want! But I finally got my first Nendoroid recently — Okita from Hakuoki. But Sumeragi Twins one would definitely be cute.

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