A Look at Summer 2021- Some Titles of Interest (to me of course ;P)

I was going to be so foolish as to title this as “What will I be watching?” or the like. A title like that might mislead you guys into thinking I’m actually going to watch these as they’re airing! But admittedly, I’m not sure if these titles will be up on my priority list, or if they’ll appear somewhere else further down the line on my blog.

I hit a bit of a slump in terms of anime watching in Spring. In fact, I did the thing I’m most afraid of, which was boast my grand line-up of shows, and fail to start a single one of them. Not the biggest issue in the world, considering current circumstances and all that. But I still feel like I’ve cheated you guys out of content a bit.

But I took a break because I noticed that watching anime wasn’t fun anymore. It was feeling more like a chore then a hobby. My reviews became significantly more scathing and critical. I don’t particularly like reading that style of review, so why would I be comfortable writing one? So I did one of the hardest things to do, which was take a few steps back, skip a season and let myself recalibrate with other media. I’ve been keeping tabs on other people’s content and reviews (still working on commenting) but halting my direct interaction was what was best at the time.

I’m doing my best not to bite off more then I can chew. I’m interested in these titles, and tentatively have put them on my real PTW list so I can get notified when they start. At some point, maybe while they’re airing, maybe not, I’d like to give these a shot. Nothing more, nothing less, at least for now. So let’s take a look at what stood out to me in the Summer 2021 line-up.

Night Head 2041

Honestly, the initial description of brothers verses brothers in a sci-fi/supernatural setting just speaks to me. I’m a bit hesitant considering it is using a lot of CGI. After what went down with Ex-Arm I might need a bit more time before giving it a go. This also might be a revamp of a 2006 adaptation, it’s not very clear how the titles relate, I might start with that, and come back to this.

Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

This is 100% on my radar thanks to Lita, so… there’s that lol. But maybe a slice of life anime about working at a aquarium is what I need to dip my toes back into the ocean known as anime. The key visuals look nice, P.A. Works seems to have a solid enough background with similar series. Seems like it’ll be a peaceful series to take a gander at. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Sonny Boy

This title I actually saw on Scott’s list and literally went “they’re remaking The Drifting Classroom with high schoolers?”. Of course, Sonny Boy is it’s own thing entirely. I just heavily associate the premise of a classroom slipping through time to The Drifting Classroom (side note: highly recommend this series too). It’s got Eguchi Hisashi character designs, of whom I’m already a big fan of, and Madhouse behind the production. This should be easily knocked out the park provided they don’t butcher the premise. Only time will tell. BUT I can’t deny, I’m very curious to at least hear other people’s first impressions are.


SPORTS! What more do you need? I mean it’s also MAPPA studios and an original production so…. it’s worth giving a shot in my book. I might be a little too burned out from sports anime to give it a fair try at the moment, but later on I’m hoping to see it through!

And with that… those are the titles that got me curious this season. We’ll see if I wander back into the realm of anime this coming summer season. No promises or anything. I’d love to know what other people are interested in, and or what else you guys think I should get hype for. Let me know down below.

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