May 2021 Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet where I gather some of the gems I’ve come across the past month! It’s going to be an interesting array of posts since you might notice that there are few but a mighty selection of posts!

This month has been oddly productive for me, offline. Or at least off of WordPress, because from whatever reason I didn’t connect with as many posts as usual this month. Or with media in general since I don’t even have a music pick video essay to show you guys… I’ll be sure to look for some other good stuff next month to make up for it. For now you’ll just be able to jump into what I do have in store for you!


Considering Mother’s Day was this past month, I think it appropreiate to mention Tea Time’s post on “All My Darling Daughters Review“. For me, it’s always been one of those manga’s I’ve always remembered the name but haven’t quite made the time to read just yet. Ren breaks down the how’s and why’s this distinct but often overlooked title is worth checking out.

I had never heard of this title before, but when hearing it’s in the realm of Sci-fi. I knew I would need to take a look thanks to BibloNyan’s blog, “Manga Recommendations: 4 Reasons to Read ES: Eternal Sabbath by Fuyumi Soryō“. Nyan breaks down into four points why this 8-volume series should be on your radar. It’s certainly on mine!

If you’re anywhere in the queer, specifically the gay and bl section of manga Instagram you’ve probably heard of the following title at some point, but aren’t sure where it really lands. Luckily for us, Al’s Manga Blog has the scoop on the newly translated title, “I Think Our Son Is Gay Vol 1 Review“. If you’re like and curious but not quite willing to go in blind, be sure to give it a read.

Lastly, is probably one of the most hilarious but also divisive titles I’ve seen in the BL/yaoi space in awhile. However, we have an in-depth review and breakdown about what makes this title good, bad, and sexy of course, thanks to Blerdy Otome and their blog, “Dick Fight Island Vol 1 BL Manga Review“. If you aren’t in the know, Blerdy Otome has got you covered so you aren’t lost when this title inevitably comes up in discussion.


New to my feature section, but with a post really relevant to the times is iva In Japan with “My biggest culture shock was because of a Jdrama (I know, I’m weird)“. It’s always interesting to see what other fans of JDramas pick up on, and surprises them when I consider myself so use to most elements. So be sure to check it out, especially since it ties into a very popular, but not currently airing series from the recent past.

You might have noticed I switched this subheading from my usual format just so I could squeeze in this post from Minty of BYOG, “MHAM|DRAMA|| It’s Okay, That’s Love“. It’s Okay, That’s Love is actually a KDrama I watched myself earlier this year, and that I’ve found to be one of the more impactful KDramas to have been released in the mid-2010’s. That being my personal opinion of course. And Minty has been going a ton of mental health posts this month so be sure to check this one and her other’s out!


For fans of Hide, May is always a bitter time of year since it’s another year since he passed. However, there are ways to remember him aside from replaying his music. appearsdx does just that in their blog “JUNK STORY“, a look into the documentary about Hide’s life. Be sure to give it a watch, and this blog post a read through.


While this post is specifically targeted at Anime fans, I think it can be applied to most anything, which is why I’ve consider to put it here. “A Call for More Curiosity” Mechanical Anime Reviews, is exactly as what the title is. Just inviting people in the Anime community to be more curious about the genres and titles they try. I would say the same applies to everyone else. Be more curious, try one or two things you wouldn’t have in the past and see where it takes you. You just never know where you’ll end up!

From The Anime Feminist and written by Sarah Alexander is “The Feminist Potential of the Lolita Fashion Subculture“. It’s a very well thought out piece highlighting the when’s, where’s, why’s and how’s of Lolita and seeing where it could tie into Feminism. My only wish is that there was a follow up explaining the differences between the Japanese community (which is my knowledge is rather on the decline these days) and it’s booming non-Japanese communities and how Feminism could be portrayed in them. Still very much worth the read if you’ve ever been curious about this quite subculture.

So yeah, that’s a wrap from me! I’ll see you guys next month with a meatier selection for you guys to dig into!


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