Let’s Play Bingo! – My Anime Bingo Card Tag (?)

So…. is this a trend? Am I early to a trend for once?!? Am I going to be a trend setter here in the Ani-blog space on WordPress?!

No, probably not and that’s just fine. I feel like bingo card generators of this sort have existed way beyond the past year and a half. However, I saw a sudden influx of these cards on anime/manga Instagram, then Twitter and it looked like fun! So I spent way too long on making my own card (that I could actually see clearly), and I couldn’t not share it here. Before I forget, you can make your own here on anime-bingo.aikats.us . The finished product looks like this-

If you didn’t immediately click the link this bingo card is fairly customizable between size of the card, font’s, color, titles, etc. It’s a pretty mindless thing to do, and I hope other bloggers that have even more incentive then I, will make even cooler looking cards and share them on their blogs.

The whole reason I did this, aside from being bored is a bit of a conversation starter. I’m just really curious, aside from the obvious currently watching, read a review and watched something too, stuff about my overlapping tastes with anyone who stumbles across this card. I picked a variety of titles, my ultimate titles from the movies, series and OVA’s, as well as outright obscure titles I’ve seen over the years.

Although there’s no prize for this round of bingo, I want to know who gets it! Who gets bingo, a full card, postage stamp, etc. I’m utterly curious. Of course, if you’re having a “wtf is that” about any of the titles, drop a comment I’ll do my best to fill you in. If nothing else, go make your own anime bingo card and post it, I want to play!



  1. This is great, and I will now proceed to spend hours making 4×4’s and bingo cards. Thanks for alerting me to this site’s existence! (as for my bingo score, I’ve only seen Lain and Garden Of Words, but I’ve been meaning to watch X, Ghost In The Shell and Perfect Blue for literally months now. All in all, great spread.)


    • I’m glad I can provide a boredom buster for you! I feel that you’re really going to like Ghost in the Shell and Perfect Blue. X is kinda iffy, I like the manga more, but the anime is still solid imo!

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    • Yay the first bingo from this post!

      I highly encourage you to do that. Interstella 555 has a handful of things that didn’t age well, BUT it’s still a really cool concept!


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