Visual Kei Valentine – ACME’s “You Are My Love”

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I do have a few bands I would give one to if I had any guts lol. So here’s highlighting some unique love songs(?) from some bands that deserve to be someone’s valentine.

I couldn’t resist including them. Most of you know this by now lol. It’s no secret that ACME dominates a lot of categories of my listening habits, in and out of the blog sphere. I also have somewhat proven my dedication since I religiously watch their Youtube live streams, and have caught every single one of the streamed concerts in 2020, with two more having just wrapped up earlier this month.

They are also of course, a band that I would give a Valentine to, no shame, and they’d probably accept it with a playful joke or two. There is a culture of gift-giving from fans to bandmen in Visual Kei and with ACME I have very much participated in it on a few occasions. Nothing super expensive or dramatic, just some notes and a drink or something.

But back on topic, the thing is that ACME is not a band I would argue is one good at ballad’s. It’s just not their strong suit and that’s fine. I’ve always preferred their higher energy tracks like “Zesshou Ouka” or “Cry Wolf”. Which is why this song surprised me when it was played last year. Of all things, I think it was originally showcased on Chisa’s Instagram story. If I’m not mistaken, this song was also performed for a band member’s family member’s wedding. I figured it would be a one and done. 24hr proof the could do a ballad, but nothing official to their discography.

Which is why I found it sweet, albeit strange that it was B-side to “Usogao”, since the coupling are polar opposites in theming and energy. I was delighted that “You are my LOVE” was both written and composed by Rikito who is secretly, but not really, my favorite member of the group. I mean, it’s also just a really pleasent ballad thematically since there’s no weird ‘I love you so much I’ll kill you’ kinda energy that VKei bands tend to infuse to their ballads. It’s just a sweet ‘you are my love, I want to be with you forever’ kinda song.

I’m also just biased as hell here too, so there’s that. But hell yeah, when COVID is over I’m for sure going to ask ACME to me my Valentine’s… or something.

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