Visual Kei Valentine – Buck-Tick’s Dress

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I do have a few bands I would give one to if I had any guts lol. So here’s highlighting some unique love songs(?) from some bands that deserve to be someone’s valentine.

There’s something about “Dress” that’s just incredibly sensual about it. It’s also admittedly one of my favorite songs ever. It’s just got that right bassline, composition, and Atsushi Sakurai’s vocals. It’s dated in the sense that you can tell it’s a very 80’s composition, but it’s a track that still holds up to this day.

The best part is that it’s not really a song about love. There’s no ‘suki/daisuki/aishiteru’ in the lyrics. Instead it focuses more on what it’s like to be so in love with someone, and then have it fade away. Kinda a sad note to start on actually, but love is that kinda emotion. I guess I connect with the idea of having such an intense love, and for one reason or another it fades away more then I connect with actually being ‘in love’.

Who knows though? I just wanted an excuse to talk about some of my favorite ‘love songs’. So here we are. If you’re curious about some lyrics, you can check out this translation here, that’s pretty solid.

I’ll catch you guys later with another song or two later this month.



  1. For the longest time I wanted “Merry-go Land” by Neverland to be played at my wedding if I ever were to get married because I loved the melody in that song so much. But I’m still a bit unsure because I don’t really know the meaning in the lyrics.

    And one more thing, there used to be a band called “The♡Valentine”, but they disbanded a few years ago on Valentine’s Day.

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    • “Merry-go Land” is such a great track! It really does have a great melody. Lyrics are always tricky though when it’s a translation. >..<

      I remember The♡Valentine! They had such an interesting concept, I always wanted to see them live but I never got the chance.

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