January 2021 Monthly Favorites

Welcome to the January 2021 Monthly Favorites! Despite it all, we’ve managed to make it to the first edition of this section for the new year. It’s exciting, well, at least for me since I get to share all this new to me, and hopefully new you to blog posts and more!

As for me, I made the choice to give a my blog a related Instagram account, which you can click here to get to, or search “phoenixtalks_insta”. It’s going to be a slow going, semi-bonus content? Like a lot of hauls and more casual stuff will go up there, stuff I’ve been looking at or find interesting but can’t justify dedicating a full post to. Let me know if you have a blog-related, anime, manga, etc related account you have that I should give a follow and I will!

I shared last month that I had a bit of a health issues which sucks. However, I have recovered from that in full! So that’s a pretty nice way to start the new year for me on a personal note.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any media to share with you, so we get to jump into the blog posts from around the space right away!


A bit of throwback to Christmas, but that sort of joy has no time limit, with “Merry Days Of Anime 2020: MEGALO BOX” by Kapodaco. While I don’t totally agree with every point, it’s always nice to see a different perspective on one of my favorite series.

Advice is always welcome, especially when you’re at a loss for how to join a new to you, franchise. Luckily we now have “Some Tips to Entering an Older Franchise” by Scott. A lot of it is very practical but that’s all it takes to fall down a rabbit hole of a new franchise and fandom!

Something that I’d be curious if it ever came to fruition is “Studios: Crowdsource To Fansubbers And Profit!” by Crow. I’d never considered that idea for subtitles being provided by fansubbers in an official manner, but it’s food for thought with crowd sourcing becoming more mainstream in Japan.

Now is also the time of the season where the good and the bad anime have more or less been decided. One of those series that has fallen very much in the latter catagory, as this season’s laughing stock, is Ex-Arm. Breaking down why Ex-Arm did attempt some things, but still managed to fall flat on it’s face is Aria’s post “Why is Ex-Arm so Horrible?”. Which, I large in part agree with but as a glutton for punishment, I will continue to slug it out with the series until it finishes.

We also have to talk about a first impression or two, and given my affinity for sports series; I couldn’t resist sharing this with you guys when Biblionyan posted it. “SK8 the Infinity: Bones’ Brilliant New Shōnen Series About Skateboarding, Bromancing, and Standing Back Up When Life Shoves You to the Pavement – Anime First Impressions (Winter 2021)“, which I think the title speaks for itself, but the blog elaborates brilliantly on the subject as well.


Minty has been kind enough to keep us up to date with the manhwa news. “First Impressions|Manta — Binge Read Unlimited Manhwa/Webtoons?“, which is the newest manhwa app to hit the scene. She’s been kind enough to group up and break down prior options, and how Manta stands out. A must read for all the manhwa lovers out there!

JDramas and JMovies

A first for this feature is Velvetflicks with “Face (2000), 100 Yen Love (2014), and Parasite Singles“. It’s a look at how the concept of parasite single, children between the ages of 20-30 who still live with parents, through two different lenses. I’m not familiar with either film, but both seems interesting and Velvetflicks’s insight adds to the intrigue.


From Kayo Kyoku Plus, we have “Time is up, Mr Juggler: The Music of Shuto Kousoku Trial Movies“, because who doesn’t like a good look at a movie series and it’s soundtrack?

Because I will still never be over this, Shuu’s Wonderland has provided a translation of “eleven by E-girls — Kanji + Romaji Lyrics and English Translation“. I might be teared up just a bit reading, I might still not have listened to it in full without crying all over again, but who doesn’t appreciate a good translation.

It’s always nice to see others talking about OG’s in Visual Kei, partly because I certainly wouldn’t be able to talk about them all. Despite the miconceptions that bands in VKei appear and disappear overnight, there are quite a few who’ve been in the scene for decades, you just have to know where to listen. In “Show & Tell: Top 10 Merry Songs” by Kevy Metal, we get a good grasp at personal taste of Kevy Metal but also a sampling of the various sounds that Merry has had over the years.

So wrap this all up, I’m going to leave you with the alt-idol group 終わらないで、夜 (Owaranai De Yoru). I’ve been listening to them on and off, but decided to dive into their small but might discography this month. Hopefully I’ll be able to suggest you guys more of their music soon. Until then enjoy their song “Beyond the Night Sky” the live version, below!

With that I’ll see you next month with another round of posts!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! It is truly appreciated. There might be more of those in the future. My Show & Tell posts tend to take a lot of time, but they are fun to make, so who am I to complain? 😉 Good luck with your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m already following you on Instagram the link you posted. I don’t do much with my social media accounts except read and comment, but I’m a little active on my livejournal (buchib@livejournal). I cried too when I read the lyrics of E-girls eleven. I’m gonna miss them so much

    Liked by 1 person

    • I saw that, thank you! I’m going to be pretty much the same with my Instagram. We’ll have to see lol.

      I really need to get back int livejournal, but I probably need to make a new account at this rate. Also, I miss them all so much already. ;;-;; It’s barely been a month but the legacy really can’t be filled that quickly.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my translation! I’m happy to know that you found it to be a good one.

    I’m not quite active on WordPress other than just updating my posts, and so I’m unfamiliar with its customs. But now I finally got around to express my appreciation.

    It amazes me how you write about so many different topics with such consistency. That kind of devotion is really rare and commendable. It’s such a pleasure to see there’s a blog dedicated to the various parts of Japanese pop culture!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re very welcome!

      No worries! I never expect anything when I do these posts, so anytime people do thank me or comment is always a fun bonus!

      And thank you for your kind words! Having a hobby like this has been a blessing in these hard times. It’s always fun to be able to write about such a variety of topics!


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