On Waifus

Well, I can’t just talk about husbandos, and not talk about the better halves. It just wouldn’t be right. I also just happen to like follow ups because they’re fun.

I have even more reservations on waifu discourse then husbando discourse. Because well, people seem to be even more defensive of their waifu’s then their husbandos. Quite frankly it gets a bit hairy here and there. Again, I’m not saying that I have good taste or better taste then anyone when it comes to waifu characters, but these women are my waifu ‘type’ as it were.

Like with my husbando post I want to make it clear that for me waifu characters are not the same as best girl characters. Best girl’s come and go with the season, but waifu’s are forever. Again if we hypothetically pulled these characters from their various series, and I recognized them in the real world I would probably pursue them romantically.

Just some crib notes on my take on waifu’s. Now we can get into these beautiful ladies~

Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell Franchise)

Is anyone surprised? Anyone? No? Good. I think I’ve made it abundantly obvious in my time as a blogger how much I adore Motoko and how she truly is; the ultimate waifu. She is intelligent, being able to decipher various codes used within the cybernetic space as a ‘wizard class’ super hacker. Coupled with this is her well spoken nature, but ability to be witty, comedic (in the manga), and incredibly cunning as well at any given time. All of this is wrapped around Motoko’s emotional struggles with her ‘ghost’ and being among the first fully cyborized people. If anyone was to contemplate what it means to be human, Motoko’s thoughts are probably the most provocative. I mean, it’s also pretty sexy how proficient she is in hand to hand combat. I love a woman who can protect herself.

Additionally, she does have a bit of mystery about her. Due to when and why she became cyborized there’s not a ton known about her. Her actual age is unknown, same with birthdate, and other details we take for granted in our lives. It makes her intriguing as a person, but also very hard to approach. The added bonus is that she is also canonically bisexual throughout the franchise. So… unlike other female characters, as a women myself, I would actually have a shot with her.

I’d probably wouldn’t be able to seriously date her though. I doubt I’d be able to keep up with her conversations. Nor would I be able to handle how on and off our relationship would have to be due to her work. Alas, I’d probably be one of many admirers, but I’d give it my all for at least a date.

Karen Kasumi (X/1999)

I can’t say that I can really pin point why I consider Karen a waifu. She’s very much a character that doesn’t come directly to mind when I think of waifu. I had to really sit down and think about ‘waifu’, before she came to mind. And, ironically or not, she came to mind in a burst of flame much like her powers in X.

It’s also interesting how much I like her, or maybe more respect her. She’s a devout Catholic character, in a universe and country where that isn’t common. Karen, isn’t the typical Catholic Karen, as I don’t really recall her preaching or attempting to convert anyone. It’s just a pillar of who she is, despite her occupation as a soapland worker. She’s always comes off as put together, and confident no matter what circumstances.

I’m not sure how well we’d actually get along as a pair. It’s not stacking up in my favor, based on various circumstances. But I feel like Karen would at least be amused with my most likely clumsy puppy love affections towards her. She’d definitely be the type to tease and lead me along, but would never do so with the attention to hurt my feelings. At some point, she’d sit me down and give it to me straight, and I’d respect how she felt.

Surprisingly, those are the only two characters that I would legally, pursue by my definitions of waifu. I still have a very difficult time distinguishing women I find aesthetically pleasing, verses those I am romantically interested in. Anime and manga characters are no different in that regard. I do have two honorable mentions, that don’t quite make it do waifu territory since, they’re not legal canonically to my knowledge. However, if they were hypothetically of age, and real I would probably try to befriend and or pursue romantically.

Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui)

I actually put her in my build your own harem tag way back. I like her duality. She seems to be, as of the second season of anime a genuinely sweet girl. Of course, it’s implied that exterior is superficial and a tactic to progress forward in a long haul gamble. I don’t really mind that, since most of us have a circumstances or an event where we would do the same. What’s really endearing is that she’s so passionate about gambling. Not the money or winnings, but the act of the gamble which I don’t get at all (I hate even gambling for gachapon machines!). I would love to watch her play in real time, just to see how passionate she’d get.

Tayuya (Naruto)

I have to say that Tayuya was my first female anime crush. Again, Jr high/high school me was not known for having good taste. I drew ridiculously large amounts of fanart of her then too. A few of them were actually good too!

I liked that she was unapologetically foul-mouthed and really didn’t care that she was a woman going up against men. She clearly had earned her spot in the sound four via her skill and wit, so I had some serious respect for her. Why that admiration melded with attraction, I have no idea. Hormones, amiright?

Also, she’s in the honorable mention becuase 1) no idea how old she was when she was alive. 2) she’s dead canonically, so that’d be a little freaky if she was brought to life, again, in the real world. Politely awed, but no thank you.

Again, I thought my collection of waifu’s was larger. I thought the same about husbandos so I guess I am just terrible about gauging my harem’s. To be honest, I probably forgot someone that after I post this I will immediately go ‘oh no I forgot XXX!’ or something. So it goes.

Hopefully you found these four ladies intersting to read up about. I’d love to know if we have any overlap in waifu, or just your personal picks for waifu! Let me know in the comments below. Otherwise, see you next post!


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