Reviewing 2020 to start 2021

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First and foremost, happy 2021 my fellow WordPress bloggers and viewers! I hope that you all managed to have a relaxing holiday and took time to visit loved ones if possible. I’m looking forward to what the community has in store for this coming year! Circumstances have not changed just because the clock struck midnight, but this year will be better. I do really believe in the idea of having the right mindset to tackle problems, and a positive mindset nearly always helps. That might just be a me thing though.

As the title suggests, I’m revisiting the goals I posted last year (which you can check out here) and taking a look at how that all panned out. I had fun making a few goals for my watching/reading habits, so I want to do that this year too! Plus it let’s you guys get some insight as to what will be in-store on my blog this coming year!

First up, are my very ambitious drama watching goals. They were very much a mixed bag since I used a lot of open language on some, and concrete on other’s. Just to be clear, the ones that I’ve crossed out are ‘completed’ to a certain capacity. The one’s left alone were not ‘completed’. We have some interesting results here, so let’s take a look.

Drama Watching Goals (2020)

  • Complete A-Z Drama Watching Challenge
  • Complete A-Z Movie Watching Challenge
  • Watch 2020 Dramas as they air
  • See as many 2020 movies in theaters as possible

So, let’s first talk about what I accomplished; I managed to watch most 2020 dramas as they aired. A few slipped through the cracks, or changed my mind on my watching priorities, life happens. I watched a total of 27 last year. Which, okay wow that’s actually a pretty big deal for me. I usually averaged in the past about five or six a year if I was ambitious. It’s probably thanks to having more access to programming (living in Japan ftw), and borrowing friend’s streaming services more often. Combined with the fact I aspired to be an active watcher as well. I’m not particularly proud so to speak, but rather impressed. I didn’t think it would be that many.

Next was movie watching, at 25 movies. I don’t want to think too hard about how much gas I used getting to and from theaters last year as about half of them I did see in theaters. I’m a bit surprised it’s so high because there was in fact, a pandemic going on. Being honest, I probably shouldn’t have gone to theaters that often for my hobby, but I would usually see two movies at a time and then not go for a couple weeks. I will do my best to be a bit more conscious about how my hobbies affect people, but… I really enjoyed the majority of films I saw last year. I’m blessed that it’s been relatively safe enough for me to maintain this part of my hobbies.

Now for what was the mixed bag of this; the A-Z Challenges. Trying to complete 40 something odd titles in a year was pretty ambitious especially for someone like me. I did make a solid start though, I will give myself that. For Dramas I actually managed to tick off ten titles, although not in order. I went my number tile, A-H and then L. L was a jump ahead since it was a mini drama and I wanted something to jump start my passion for the project again. Unfortunately that didn’t really work since the L drama was pretty terrible.

For the movies, I got numbers, and then A-F. I tend to watch movies more quickly and easily then dramas, so I did my best to focus on dramas this year. I’m not too bummed about this result since it’s relatively easy for me to catch up.

I stated previously that juggling so many series at once was a bit much. I took a break from the project to give my mental health more care, and reorganize my watch list and priority. I’ll explain in depth in my goals for next year, but I will be continuing this project in 2021!

Now, let’s change gears and take a look at the anime and manga goals from last year. Already, I can say my results were significantly more consistent!

Anime and Manga Goals (2020)

  • Consistently watch currently airing anime
  • Finish three manga series from my shelf

I did watch a lot of currently airing anime from last year. I think the series of blogs I wrote as reviews, and commentaries show that. I wouldn’t call it consistent though. I did my best, especially in winter and spring 2020 to watch weekly. It’s my preferred method since it helps series sink in more for me. However, again I said earlier, my consistency fell off with the fall season. It happens. So I give myself a 90 out of 100 on consistently.

As for manga, well I already had a bit of a head start on those. COVID for better or worse helped with that as well since my workplace is cool about me studying via manga. So I surpassed my expectations by a lot. I finished a total of 18 titles, most in Japanese so that’s really impressive for me. I’m actually really super proud of that accomplishment!

Now, let’s transition into what I want to accomplish in 2021. I’m not going to go super crazy with these ones, but I do have some announcements to go along with these. So let’s jump back into drama-land for a moment.

Drama Watching Goals 2021

  • Continue, with the goal of completing, my A-Z Drama Challenge
  • Continue, with the goal of completing, my A-Z Movie Challenge

I don’t think these are surprising anyone. I do have a habit of finishing what I start typically. I explained them in depth last year, and the premise is pretty straight forward. Now that I have a better grasp of my watching habits, I will be better able to work within those and complete this! As like last year, any non-Japanese titles with not be reviewed on the blog. I’m watching them for the experiance/someone recommended them to me ages ago.

What’s new for this year is that these titles will no longer be a ‘secret’. I do have two lists on Mydramalist, to keep track of these. I have made these lists public in links below for you to check out. These will, hoepfully, be a pretty good indicator of what you can expect in the coming months!

This is the link to my 2020-2021 A-Z Drama Challenge List.
This is the link to my 2020-2021 A-Z Movie Challenge List.

If you do happen to check them out, don’t be afraid to comment below about them! Any titles your excited to see my impressions of? Others that you’re already wanting to warn me not to waste my time with? Let me know!

Anime and Manga Goals 2021

  • Watch one anime from my ‘Plan to Watch List’ that I put on there because of another blogger
  • Read and Review three manga titles from my shelf

We’re getting incredibly specific here with that anime goal. It’s straightforward. A bit wordy, but the more concrete the language I use, the more likely I will accomplish this! In theory at least. Like everyone, the whole point of blogging here on WordPress and joining the anime community is to get recommendations and share ideas. I, like many, am notoriously good at reading a review and going ‘holy shit this sounds like something I want to try watching!’. I put it on my PTW list, and while I look it over and go ‘oh yeah, so -and-so reviewed that and they said it was good’; I never get back to you know, watching it. So this year, the lofty goal of one title recommended by another blogger from season’s past, will be watched.

As for manga, why fix something that’s not broken? I have quite a few new titles that have accumulated on my shelves over the months. So let’s try what worked last year and knock at least three of those titles out and get a review up. Ideally, this will be a little more difficult, I swear to god if I get that much time off of work again I might scream, but still manageable.

As to what titles these will be, one of them will be prior mentioned Toxic, from my August Acquisitions. I’ve read the story loosely once, but I want to give it a second read through before reviewing. As for two other titles, I am considering Yumi and Kurumi, My First Time With Her (Haijmete, Kanojo to), Rakuen no Jouken, and Our Times at Dusk (Shinmanami Tasogare). All of which are currently on shelf, but without any priority listing to them. If anyone wants to chime in below with a comment about a series I should go first, I’d love to know!

So… yeah. This was a longer then I expected to make blog post. There’s some reflection, some anticipation, and most importantly a battle plan for this year! If anyone else has a goal or two they’d like to share below I’d love to read them! Otherwise, I’ll see you guys next post, and hopefully in the future crushing these goals!


  1. I’ve actually seen 12 of the dramas on your list. Most of them are older titles, so I guess that’s why as I don’t watch much these days.

    Pride is a classic KimuTaku drama and though it had fiew issues, I still have a soft spot for it as it was probably the first jdrama I ever watched. 🙂 Jimi ni Sugoi! wasn’t too bad but as workplace jdramas go, my fave is still Juhan Shuttai. A true feelgood drama that one. Ossan’s Love was hilarious! I had loads of fun watching it. Tanaka Kei is great as the hapless Haruta. Unnatural is a very well constructed crime procedural and has a great Team with a wonderful boss. I’m aways up for great teams and wonderful bosses, ha. About Moorim School… I’d skip that one. Drama sounds good on paper but the execution was messy and acting overall clunky. Well, these are just my thoughts and your mileage may very well vary. We like what we like, eh? 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • That’s so interesting! Hopefully a few more of them are oldies but goodies in there!

      I am so looking forward to when I get to Pride. I love ice hockey so the fact that KimiTaku is in it is a huge bonus! Jimi ni Sugoi was a wild card pick for me; I had to search through popular titles to find one that begins with a J lol. I haven’t heard of Juhan Shuttai, but I will be looking it up later! I’m glad that the other picks seem to have your seal of approval!

      Moorim School is my one big wild card. I know that it has some intense mixed reviews, but Lee Hyun Woo… I’ll have to see how it goes lol. If I drop it I drop it, and so it goes lol.


  2. Almost all of my fave jdramas are older. Lot of the more current ones just don’t seem to have that certain something the older dramas had. The storylines may have been more simple and production values less shiny but most of the oldies had loads of heart. That counts a lot in my book.

    It’s been ages since I watched Pride but as far as I can remember, the ice hockey part looked pretty good. KimuTaku was… well, kinda smexy. 😀 I did actually like Jimi ni Sugoi quite a bit. Juhan Shuttai is a ray of sunshine, it always put me in a good mood.

    Yeah, I’ve also taken a chance with dramas that seem iffy. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. 🙂 Interesting to see what you make of Moorim School.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’ve been noticing that lately too. A lot of the older dramas just seemed to have way more heart in them then those of late. Might be nostalgia, might just be the simpler ideas being better executed. Although there’s a few exceptions every year.

      Hell yeah~ As long as they avoid the cardinal sins in ice hockey, I’ll take it. KimiTaku is always smexy no need to be shy lol.


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