On Husbandos

I’ll just jump on the bandwagon late. Something as universal as ‘Husbandos’ doesn’t really trend. It just exists, and occasionally is brought to the forefront when a truly good or terrible, one is mentioned and there’s some conversation about it. I mean, when in doubt we can also point the finger at Scott for getting this ball rolling last month. (I am kidding, but go check out his blog obviously.)

I tend not to tred in the Waifu/Husbando discourse because well, I’m usually not interested in it. That, and it appears to me that Waifu/Husbando is often the advanced stage of best girl/best boy discourse, which is a seasonal thing. Sometimes there’s no separation in the way some people refer to a character. One post they are husbando, the next post it’s best boy. I’m always curious when people do bring up their, in this case, Husbando choices verses who they would pick as a best boy since there seems to be slight changes.

So I want to take a moment to clarify, at least from my perspective what a Husbando means to me and how it’s different from a best boy. A Husbando, to me is a character that is male or identifies as one, that I consider husband material. Literally if I met any of the following men on this list in real life and got to know them long enough to realize they were the real version of character Q, I would (probably) make an earnest effort to pursue them romantically. This typically means at least for me, that I have a longer standing attraction/attachment to the character for whatever reason, romantic or not. For me best boy’s come and go with that season’s anime, a husbando is forever.

Is that me just pontificating on husbandos because I can? Maybe. I think it helps since I rarely refer to characters in this manner. So NOW we can get into my Husbando collective:

Kuro Hanazama i.e. Black Jack (Black Jack)

Black Jack is a man of mystery, intrigue, high intelligence, small inner circle and a striking appearance that if you see once you’ll never forget, but most likely will never encounter again. He’s also an unlicensed doctor running around treating some of the world’s most unique patients for a price.

He’s the ultimate husbando. There’s some innate pull to his character, his story, that if you pulled him from the pages or the screen, with a little bit of explanation; he’d be a fully fleshed human man. He has complex morals, a sense of justice shaped by his background, and is just truly interesting. I’m not sure I’d be his type, but like many ladies throughout his iterations, I would give it a shot to try even if I ended up being shot down. Despite many of his quirks, I think he’d be worth it to be my one and only.

Also even if I could never be with him, but he did actually exist, I would love to have the chance to be his friend. Or at least sit down and talk to him for a hot minute during his travels.

Kou Tenka (Houshin Engi)

I first have to clarify that I have no idea how old Kou Tenka is suppose to be. His parents treat him like their rebellious teenage son, given his tendencies to jump to conclusions and fight it out, coupled with that bad boy smoking habit, that makes sense. But in the world of Houshin Engi, characters might appear younger, but realistically are several hundred years old. You gotta love those mid-90’s series playing with our heads like that.

However, Kou Tenka is a wannabe bad boy with a heart of gold. Once you prove to him your worth the effort to get to know and trust; he’ll have your back forever. That sort of loyalty is what shonen titles are all about, and Kou Tenka is the embodiment of that. How I, a mere moral in a world were he is a doushi (character similar to a demi-god in abilities) would go about proving my worth I have no idea. But on the bright side his mom was a human so that gives me more of a shot then if she wasn’t so there’s that. I mean he’s also quite the looker, battle scars, abs on abs, and running around the world shirtless because… with weapons like his who needs a shirt?

Solider Blue (Toward the Terra)

Hey, this is our first non-human male! Sort of. Hard to explain. He is considered a ‘Mu’, which are humans with extraordinary powers, that exist far in the future. So like human born, but an evolutionary step above them? Work with me here on this. More or less, he’s the most powerful Mu, hence his code name ‘Blue’ and how the whole story kicks off. He’s the first of his kind, tragic hero husbando whose story is old, but I still adore to this day.

His best husbando trait being a leader. Not the normal by choice type mind you, but one of circumstance. When you’re the most powerful, and among the first of your kind to survive and escape that’s kinda a lot to shoulder. Especially when you realize there are other’s like you, and you have a sense of duty to help them as well. He truly has shown a lot of compassion not only for his fellow Mu, but even towards the humans that ousted and try to kill him.

However, he loses some husbando points due to the fact, he’d probably be more focused on making sure the Mu survive that we wouldn’t have much one on one time. Considering to be with him, I’d probably have to be some sort of Mu too, I could see how ensuring our survival might take more precedent then our relationship. You win some, you lose some?

Gaara (Naruto)

I believe I have may have mentioned Gaara as being the original husbando of mine. I probably also made mention that there’s no accounting for taste. I was one of those 13 year old girls who did seriously think I could ‘change him’ by being in love with him. Being real it’s exactly those types of girls that would first be picked off by 13 year old Gaara in a truly bad mood.

Luckily, we have post Naruto beat his ass Gaara, and then even more still time skip Gaara. Both of whom are a lot more stable as human beings, and in general just better people then 13 year-old Gaara. The character growth, the redemption arc with his family, and by extension the village. We love to see it. He’s also an amazing ninja and excellant Kazekage.

But, like Solider Blue we run into tiny problems. In times of conflict, his attention is probably elsewhere, then on his partner. Still a solid choice in my opinion when it all boils down to it.

Subaru Sumaragi (Tokyo Babylon and X)

Now Subaru is a special type of husbando, and I don’t mean that in a ‘my husbando is superior to your husbando’ sort of way. This is a time where I genuinely, especially as a young(er) adult had a moment of ‘do I want to date him, or do I want to be him?’. I’m a pretty average female identifying person, that’s was a very special and rare moment in my world.

Talking around certain points because I don’t want to spoil anything about either series, and the fact I’ve talked about Subaru extensively before; I probably wouldn’t date Subaru if he were real. Which sounds weird given how I discussed my terms for my qualifications for husbando, but keep reading here.

I wouldn’t date him simply because his character, doesn’t seem like he would be the type to ever see someone romantically. Specifically, I don’t think he’d let someone get close to him in that way. The type of relationship we would have would be one sided, from me to him. But should he allow me to join his inner circle, we’d probably be permanent companionship with a lot of common ground. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I consider it lol.

For some reason, I thought the reverse-harem of secret husbandos would be bigger. I’m not sure why I thought that, but for all my many years of reading manga and watching anime I thought there would be more. Maybe I’ll remember some of them later and do a follow up? Who knows.

I am currently contemplating my waifus, so there will for sure be a follow up regarding them in the new year. Until then, I’ll see you next post!



    • I think the design changes are fine. Different studios will do different designs, and this is Tokyo Babylon 2021; some modernization is to be expected. I think he looks stylish, but modern.

      I’m a bit confused why everyone is so fixated on his hat not being included. I always thought it was impractical for his character… lol

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