Dropped – A look at what could have been – Manga Part III

Welcome back to the third installment of the “Dropped”, the manga edition. By now, you guys know the drill and may or may not be curious as to what titles have ended up here. Grab a drink, maybe a snack, and get ready to scroll and question my choices!

Ikegami: The Ultimate Limit

This was a story that sounds great. Unfortunately, I read it at the completely wrong time of my life. So for my sanity, I had to drop the series after volume one. Due to the unintentionally mental scarring, I gave myself: I won’t be picking this one back up.


I made the mistake of trying to read the manga and watch the anime at the same time. I’ve talked about it before in the anime section. Ugh. High school me was truly a dumbass. One day I’d like to get into one of Takahashi Rumiko’s works, but one this extensive is probably not going to be it for me. Alas, I may never know what happens to InuYasha and Kagome (Kidding, I was badly spoiled when this series ended.), but that happens from time to time.

Kamisama Kiss

At one point, I can only describe myself as being a (former) Shojo Beat stan. I said so before when discussing Demon Love Spell earlier. That I did my best to read every single series they ever got the licensing rights to, and Kamisama Kiss was one such title. I mean it helped that the main spirit was attractive and a fox. A nice addition in my book. I literally got to chapter 132 and then stopped. Cold turkey just no more Kamisama Kiss for me. I had a moment of realization that I didn’t have to read this just because it was a Shojo Beat title. That was both strange, somewhat stupid, but oddly liberating and I haven’t looked back since.


I stopped and started this series more times then any other manga on the dropped list. To my recollection I tried reading it no less then 7 times. Way more then my normal limit even as a high schooler, and yet somehow I never did finish it. I had a lot of opportunities to do so, but after 7 attempts, it wasn’t meant to be. My library truly was a blessing and a curse for my high school weeb self.

Kingdom Hearts II

I hate the premise of ‘cursed image’, ‘cursed fandom’ or whatever, but this is truly a cursed manga for me. I never liked Disney enough to be obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and all the titles within it. I just don’t vibe with Disney like that. But this series… is just a weird trash fire. From the manga perspective, and only that perspective just as a reminder. For one, it was published by Tokyopop so that’s already a strike against it. Two, apparently when Tokyopop picked it up, it was already on hiatus in Japan. I read the first two volumes to pretend I was part of the Kingdom Hearts fandom (no offense intended for fans btw, ya’ll are great, keep doing you), and failed miserably. Dropping this series was for the best.


Have you discovered a pattern yet? Kobato was being published, and or made available by my library exactly the same time as Drug & Drop, and Gate 7 debacles were happening on top of my stupidity with xxxHolic. and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Topping it all off was the false flag that X was getting it’s final chapters released so… I was beyond overwhelmed with CLAMP content. So when it all cam crumbling down, Kobato was swept up in the unfortunate mess of that situation. While I know it’s finished in full, and I just can’t retraumatize myself until CLAMP cleans up their reputation.

Black Butler

Manga and Anime at the same time to not mix~~~ Being friends with an obsessed fangirl who shipped a traumatized child with a demon was not a good idea! I actually read a whole 134 chapters of this manga before slam dunking it into my dropped list. Because while I was amused there was a idol group arc; why the fuck was their an idol group arc in a manga based in Victorian London? This series started out strong, but it seems that the hype and monetary gains the story has with each over extended non-important plot is only dragging it down. I would hope Toboso Yana gets their act together, before completely grinding this series into the dirt a-la BLEACH, but given the most recent comments about the latest chapter I highly doubt it.

Magic Kaito

At one point, I too wanted to get in on the hype of Detective Conan. There is no way in hell I was ever going to commit to watching the whole anime or reading the manga. So I tried reading Magic Kaito, and has a wonderful 32 chapters of fun. Then the pirated site I was reading this on disappeared, the updates stopped coming, and I lost interest. And thus my attempt to join the Detective Conan fandom ended.

Negima! Magister Negi Magi

This is it! This is the story that totally ruined Fantasy and Magic based manga for me! I tried to read Negima! multiple times, but not in the stupid re-start at the beginning sort of way. I had technology, or more accurately a google doc. Nothing could prepare me for how utter crap the premise was in retrospect; a ten year old wizard teaching middle school girls. The premise makes my skin crawl, hindsight being 20/20. No amount of cute girls, doing cute things (by the way, there were too many of them for them to all get some limelight, or be interesting) could have saved this series. I tapped out somewhere in the 20’s volume wise and I have never once looked back until now.


Please see Twins Sins Were Done With for more information. Dropped after one volume.

So that brings this edition to a close. Did any titles surprise you? Any titles you would encourage me to give one last chance? Be sure to let me know in the comments! Next edition will be the closing of this series, and for my dropped manga titles, so don’t miss it! With that, see you next post!

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