Dropped – A look at what could have been – Manga Part II

Welcome back to another edition of “Dropped”! This is part of a larger circle of titles I’ve dropped over the years in previous categories and posts on my blog. If you’re looking for my prior post regarding manga, that would be here.

Otherwise, continue on and see what other titles I’ve ended up putting down and never picking back up. Some might surprise you, some might not but it should be interesting!

Drug & Drop

This is going to be the first, of many dropped CLAMP titles. I love their squad but these authors need to commit to one story at a time and actually finish them. I started with Legal Drug seeing as it was originally published as such. I thought by rebranding it to Drug & Drop, we might have seen a glimmer of hope in CLAMP but… I don’t never know if this ever got past where Legal Drug stopped! I’m so frustrated with CLAMP, which will be elaborated in full later, that I had to drop this title and many others as a childish protest. It’s not going to affect their profits at all but, it’s saving me from some heartaches and many headaches.


I got confused because Sakia-hen or something was thrown in the middle. I haven’t given up on Durarara!! the way I have with other series that I tried reading the manga and watching the anime at the same time. If the reviews are anything to go by the anime is the way to go, so one day I will get to it. Doing the same with the manga, given how many spin-off’s, alternative titles, side stories, etc have cluttered the original story; no thanks.

Gate 7

I’m 90% sure Gate 7 started when CLAMP re-booted Drug & Drop, but don’t quote me on that. I read I believe the first two volumes, and actually loved the story, art, and everything about it. Yet, much like X, and Drug & Drop, Gate 7 seems to have gone on an extended hiatus with volume 4. Sigh. Once again, to the dropped list until CLAMP might get their shit together.

Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time

I started reading this in Shojo Beat, and got however far it reached in the magazine. I remember being super fond of Tenma, as Haruka’s friend from modern times but… there was a lot of time between the original serialization and when I finally decided to re-start it. This is a story where I realized that the rating and genres weren’t just arbitrary since as a college age student, I had long since grown out of this type of story. Not to mention, it’s been done to death since it got popular. It’s a time travel/isekai after all. So it’s not a story that was dropped out of frustration, but I just aged out of the target demographic.

Alice in the Country of Hearts

A combination of a friend’s recommendation, and it being at my library. I have to say this story made me realize a very important thing; I don’t give two shits about ‘anime’ versions of fairy tales. This is probably one of the bigger titles in the alternative Alice in Wonderland genre, but I could not care less. It didn’t help that Tokyopop went under before they could get the final volume out, and by the time it was re-licensed and published I was beyond over stories like this.


To be honest, I don’t know what happened between me and Hellsing. I think I started because it’s always been labeled a cult classic for better or worse. It might also have been a friend’s recommendation, but I don’t remember. I don’t have any memos about the series saying why I might have dropped it. If there is one thing I do know, it’s that past me was idiotically careful about what things I dropped and so I trust past me’s judgement so far. Although, if I do ever come back to a manga title on this list, it would be Hellsing.

Hetalia Axis Powers

…. The reason I started this was peer pressure thanks to deviantart. The reason I stopped this is because my older brother, a history buff, watched an episode over my shoulder and went “This Japanimation shit is racist as hell”, before walking away. Which that event inspired me to never pick up the manga again. To this day, I look back on Hetalia and shiver because people still think it’s not racist or problematic. This is the part of my post where I can pat myself on the back and say, ‘good job for growing up and not being a complete shit bag weeb Rise’.

Hozuki’s Coolheadedness

I loved the first season of the anime. I got to chapter 29 on some sketch-ass manga site, and got distracted by college finals. By the time I went back to it, the site was gone, and it got officially licensed so there was no need to pirate it. I think I wanted to be more into this series then I was, and therefore the first season of anime was enough.

Afterschool Charisma

I read this series to volume nine probably no less then three times. My library just never got the remaining volumes, and I more or less forgot about this series. Seems like I might have missed out on a gem though, since the reviews are pretty solid across various websites. Alas, at this point I’m burnt out from trying and don’t feel compelled finish it.

Demon from Afar

I started this series when I was on a major Kaori Yuki kick. To my knowledge the series did receive a full release in English, so I wonder why I started reading it via pirated means. Sometimes, a kick is just that, only momentary urge to read something. For Demon from Afar, was towards the tail end of that kick, and unfortunately ended up dropped.

With that, I’ve managed to wrap up part two. I have to say my thoughts were way more condensed this time around then the prior post. Aside from my CLAMP related rants, which might inspire a whole dedicated post at a different time. We’ll have to wait and see with that one. Any surprise titles on here that you need to tell me I have to go back to? Any titles you too dropped, but for different reasons? Be sure to let me know down below! As always, with this I’ll see you next post!


  1. I never knew the manga for Hozuki’s Coolheadedness had an official license, but then again I never read the manga for it after watching the anime. I am curious on your thought of the anime’s second season though…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, it got licensed by Kodansha in 2017! I have no idea how far along it is now though. One day I might pick up the second season but it’s not a huge priority atm.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “I love their squad but these authors need to commit to one story at a time and actually finish them.”

    Agree 100%! And one of their completed series (CCS), they decide to go back…? I mean, that’s nice and all, but what about all those unfinished works, CLAMP?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh man, I get why they went back to CCS but… it should have been a one volume special not a full fledged second series imo. CLAMP are seriously the queens of unfinished works at this rate. >..<

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  3. CLAMP’s habit of leaving their series to languish in hiatus is the bane of my existence. I love Legal Drug and was so excited when it was continued under the new title, Drug & Drop, only for it to go on hiatus AGAIN! All of these breaks are killing me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 100% agree. I thought for a very long time I was alone thinking that. But it’s been reassuring to know other’s are just as annoyed as myself about it!

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