Dropped – A look at what could have been – Manga Part I

So, we are in the final category of “Dropped” the series, manga. Which, if you can guess by my previous posts, I am much more of an avid manga reader then anime watcher. As of late, I haven’t been reading as many titles though. You can anticipate since I’ve read a lot more manga then I’ve watched anime, so my dropped list is a bit extensive. A whopping 40 titles, various genres and lengths.

For me, that’s quite a few. I’m sure for other’s that’s barely a drop in the bucket. As per usual though, I will be breaking that list of forty down into 4 posts, of 10 titles a piece for ease of consumption. If you’ve been keeping up with the dropped series from the anime listings, you’ll probably see quite a few prior hinted at series that I dropped in both anime and manga form.

Still, without much further ado, let’s get into part one of Dropped – Manga Part I!

20th Century Boys

I actually really liked the premise of 20th Century Boys. I’m pretty sure it was the first seinen title I ever read to boot. My library, a blessing and curse for anime and manga, had the full series at one point. So I managed to get through about 2/3rd’s of the series, before it was unceremoniously removed from the shelves. I actually asked my librarians about what happened to it, and a few other titles, but none of them knew. Even when they saw the title in my check-out history, nada. So I put it on hold figuring I’d borrow it in college, or pirate it but… nope. I did my great 2019 on-hold purge and 20th Century Boys just didn’t make the cut for something I would come back to.

Kiss and White Lily For My Dearest Girl

I had hopes for this series. In 2017, I really wanted to get more into shojo-ai titles and this one had just been recently licensed officially. Yet, after reading the first volume cover to cover, I was incredibly off-put by the series. Not because they were lesbians, mind you. I believe, Kurosawa Yurine, was the main reason. She came off not only as haughty, but had a weird predatory lesbian , vibe to her. I knew that couldn’t be the only representation, and so after the first volume I decided not to continue. There’s other titles that would be more to my tastes.

Blue Exorcist

I almost wish I had some grandiose reason for dropping this. I don’t. My friend recommended it to me, and it had the added bonus of having twins in it. So I gave it a shot, finishing around 3 volumes I think, and the premise didn’t click with me. So, it got moved to the dropped list.

Arata: The Legend

Ugh. The actual disappointment I felt when I read this series. 2010 was a big year for me manga wise, and I was completely obsessed with Watase Yuu since I loved Alice 19th so much. I had taken a crack at reading her (at the time) available manga; Fushigi Yuugi, Imadoki, Absolute Boyfriend, etc. And this is when I had learned about manga annoucements, i.e. licensing agreements and Arata: The Legend was annouced. So I pestered the abosolute shit out of my librarians to get the first volume, and it happened. I picked it up, and read it in full only to think to myself: “Isn’t this Fushigi Yuugi, but shonen?”.

I think I cracked my own illusion of what I had built up Watase Yuu in my head to be. I was disappointed in her. She seemingly ripped herself off (if that’s actually possible), and it made me sad. Retrospectively, I do give her props for transitioning from shojo to shonen. I don’t think that happens too often these days. But alas, Arata didn’t have the same spark as Fushigi Yuugi did for me. So, with a bit of fanfare and a reality check; to the dropped list.

Demon Love Spell

I… was not a smart high schooler. Maybe I can better express it as I was the type of reader where when I read one manga by an author, I wanted to read anything by them I could get my hands on. Cue, Shinjou Mayu the author or Ai Ore! Love Me. I loved that manga (I think), and so it was a no-brainer that when Demon Love Spell was subsequently announced that I immediately requested it at my library.

It was weird. I don’t remember the specifics about it, but it felt too close to other series I was probably reading, I’m pretty sure I was reading both Black Bird and Kamisama Kiss at the time. Looking at the cover, I probably subconsciously had an issue with the implied age gap (despite being fine with it in BB and KK). But largely it was probably the nearly identical designs to Ai Ore characters that got me. The designs were nice and all, and the plot was one that was hot in the States at the time but… Black Bird and Kamisama Kiss probably did it better, so I dropped it after a volume.


Now, B.O.D.Y. was a very weird case. The story, characters, art were nothing special by any means. I started reading it because I was before stanning was a thing, a major Shojo Beat stan. I did my best for several years to read everything that came out from the branch of Viz Media’s publishing division. So B.O.D.Y. was just another shojo title lost in the vast sea of titles. And up until then, every single Shojo Beat title had curated a big enough fan base, or had good enough sales to be printed in full (until they started doing digital releases on top of that).

However, B.O.D.Y. never took off in the states. Despite the big name company behind it, so even though the story was finished by the time Shojo Beat got their hands on it; only 11 of the 15 volumes were ever printed and published in English. To my knowledge it hasn’t even gotten the last 4 volumes done digitally. It’s the first title that without a warning, I was reading and was just… stopped production on. Back then I didn’t even know that companies would cut their losses like that.

I also hadn’t quite disocverd pirating just yet. That was a few more months away. Eventually, I forgot about the series until making an MAL and slapping the title in my on-hold list and forgot about it, again. Then I remembered it’s existence at a second hand store in Japan several years later. It was a full series set selling for about 1000yen ($10). It was sort of nostalgic, but at the same time… I remembered absolutely nothing about this series, and therefore, I didn’t care! Shortly after that event, I moved this title to the dropped list.


So I failed at watching the anime. But this time, I had learned a little something from Naruto. I was just going to finish the manga, that’s it. I wasn’t going to get bogged down by the filler arches and episode counts: the manga should be much more to the point.

Incorrect. BLEACH as a story got merceliess dragged out. A story that was slated originally for something close to a five year run then being extended into ten more years, it’s bound to happen. While Kubo-Sensei probably wasn’t taken advantage of as much as when he was working on Zombiepowder; he probably still got peer pressured into aspects of the story that he didn’t originally envision. That aside, I did make it all the way through the full-bringer arch before giving up.

Ichigo’s adventures were no longer interesting when literally every new spirit power, he would magically attain it. The lack of focus in later chapters, I would regularly have to remind myself what was the goal of BLEACH, and who was the next villain Ichigo was training to fight, was another huge deterrent. While the series has long since concluded, I’m not going back to BLEACH.

Bokurano: Ours

I would consider this an obscure title. I found it hidden behind a set of novels in my library, seemingly mis-shelved or hidden away. Which one it was, I don’t know. I checked it out without much thought, and read the first volume without any context and well…

Something happened. I’m not going to say this series is a mind-fuck kinda premise, but there’s something so underlyingly malicious that even a teenager like me at the time knew was wrong. It probably taxed my mind in a way that I didn’t fully understand at the time, so I don’t think I ever got beyond the first volume. Re-reading the description, it’s not particularly a brutal title, but not one to take lightly.


Sometimes, jumping on the hype train for a series is incredibly fun. Sometimes, you jump on too late and get brick walled in by an impending hiatus. Other times, you’re just a dumb high school girl watching the anime, and reading the manga at the same time, and quitting only to restart again. I’m glad the series has since recovered from it’s hiatus, but the title’s fate was more or less sealed once I dropped it for the last time and so it shall remain.

DMC: Detroit Metal City

Again, another series that I found in a pocket of my library in some obscure corner. Upon first look, I sincerely thought they gave KISS a manga. I would be incorrect as KISS, is indeed not from Detroit. Given my musical tendencies here on the blog, you would think that I’d be a little more interested. It’s not a bad story by any means, but not one that ever really engaged me enough to care about our spineless protagonist. I do know that this title hung out on my ‘oh-hold’ list for about five years. Each year, I swore I’d finally finish it. Nope. The great on-hold purge of 2019, and I decided DMC’s fate for good.

So, there you have it. The first ten titles from my dropped manga section. Some of them are repeats from dropped anime, some of them are not. A few of them you might have even found the backstory for them being dropped entertaining.

Is there a manga on here that shouldn’t be? Let me know in you comments. Or if there’s a shared dropped title, be sure to let me know why you too dropped it! With that I’ll see you next post!


    • I feel like that’s a really common theme. Another friend of my said she dropped it too recently. If you ever do go back to it I’d love to know your thoughts!

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    • I think the hype might have contributed Blue Exorcist too.

      I never knew that Arata had hiatuses. I thought there had only been one? That’s really a shame for the fans. >..<

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