November (2020) Monthly Favorites

Hey all, it’s that blogger feature I do on a monthly basis back at it again! Can’t say much about this month has changed all that much. A friend managed to swing by for a longer weekend early this month so being able to hang out in person was much appreciated. We got to wander around in the woods a bit, hence our featured image. Other then that, I keep to my routines and all that good stuff.

My mental health took a bit of a dip which is why you might have noticed a gap in my posting, or some changes in my writing style. For the moment, I’m putting the A-Z Challenges, as well as seasonal anime on the back burner. I fully intended to get back to all three in the New Year, but I’m going to take the time to get some other irl stuff in order first. The good news is that my general mental health is on the upswing, so now it’s time to focus on maintaining it.

With that little aside, let’s jump into this month’s features!


Kicking off this section is SushiiiWithSoySauce with “Sakura Haruno – A Heated Topic (Guest Post!)“. It’s always nice to see Naruto‘s female characters get highlighted outside of their relationship to the protagonist.

Nothing Narrative About It–Quietly, Patiently Waiting on Fruits Basket” by Shoujo Thoughts, is a really insightful post that as a sub-watcher I haven’t considered. A must read for sub-watchers in order to really appreciate what goes into dubs, and what the fans of them go through.

Scott has really given me a kick in the pants in regards to my favorite franchise. He got around to “Black Jack (1993) – A Good, Traveling Doctor” before I did. I already lamented my fears in his comments, but perhaps it’s time for me to just dive on in.

From Artemis, we have the insightful blog of “Re-Thinking ‘Otaku’“. It’s a solid piece to really look into the history of the term, and how it’s changed in meaning as it’s crossed into the global sphere.

New to me, and new to this feature is Geeknabe. However, they might become regulars if they keep hitting me right where my nostalgia is like with their blog, “Angelic Layer: Let the girls and their dolls shine“. I have a pretty hot and cold relationship with CLAMP as of late, but Angelic Layer was a story they got right. Geeknabe’s post reminded me off that warm affection I have for the series and what it did for me as a child.


Grimm Reads released “ジャッカス![Jackass!]” as a blog article. Earlier this year I mentioned this title was one of the more recent yaoi titles I’ve read and didn’t cringe about… so you should give this blog post a read. Then locate a copy of Jackass! for your reading pleasure. It’s got Grimm Reads and my seal of approval!

This time, we have a double hitter in the form of opposite opinions on the same manga the highly discuessed josei Sweat and Soap. From Annie we have, “No, just no: Soap & Sweat Thoughts“, which I feel that title embodies the post more then I could comment. From Lita we have, “I Stopped Using Soap, Why Did I? – Sweat And Soap“, which has an interesting title a more positive spin. I’m still on the fence about starting this one, but seeing two different opinions about the title makes me all the more intrigued.

JDrama and JMovies

Walkcheerfullyblog blogged “Movie Review: Stray Dog (1949) – directed by Akira Kuroawa“. It’s one of my favorite Kurosawa titles, and knew I would feature it here. The blog is simple and direct about what to expect from the film, and enjoyability of it. Give a read and then the film a watch!

Sugar Baby, from UnbotheredUnnies blogged in the dramasphere, “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Followers“. As a Netflix series this title has gotten both hot and cold reviews, but I’m glad to know that the production value was on point for this series!


Musically related, we have Rovegurra with “Cheki in the Time of Coronavirus – Review“. It’s always exciting to see what merchandise other bloggers pick up. I blogged about this project early this year, and it’s nice to see the results of it!

From the Bias List, we have “Song Review: Sandaime J Soul Brothers – Rising Soul“. It’s the 10th anniversary release and so seeing other’s thoughts on the piece is always welcome.


A little reminder that Mel is back, and revamping their blog space! Check out “It’s a New Beginning” to make sure you didn’t unfollow on accident and get caught up on their on-goings!

A fun opportunity with one of the pillars of the ani-blogging community is Irina with “Guest Posting“. While I personally (for the moment) won’t be able to take her up on her offer; I’m sure some of you will!

Two Happy Cats, had some unfortune events occur to them earlier this year. They documented the good, the bad, and what bloggers should know here in “One Angry Otaku Deals With Stolen Content“. Bloggers might want to read this, as well bookmark it in case of emergency!

As a much more positive note we have from The Djinn Reader, “6 Amazing Authors that Encourage Me to Never Give Up on My Ambitions“. It’s inspiring and insightful with of course book recommendations sprinkled in. Exactly what we need in these times.

Lastly, I’m going to feature SKY-HI’s solo take on “LUCE” from THE FIRST TAKE channel. It’s always really intimate seeing these one take, first take videos. With a song as powerful as “LUCE”; there’s just no way I could pass up sharing it with you guys.

As always thanks for giving this feature a bit of a perusal and I’ll see you next month for more blogging goodness!


  1. I need to do a blogger round up of some sorts haven’t done one for ages !! I’ll try today !! And Thankyou for the mention. I know you were on the fence with the manga, it’s an entertaining read for my personal tastes but maybe not for others!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the shout out ☺️! Definitely take care of your mental health first and foremost, that’ll also be my own new years resolution for 2021 – I neglected it for too long this year! Also wow that song from SKY-HI was fantastic, they’ve got a new fan in me ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re most welcome! And thank you. It’s a been a journey especially this year, but it’s worth investing in! And I’m glad you enjoyed SKY-HI’s feature too!

      Liked by 1 person

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