August (2020) Monthly Favorites

Hello again friends! It feels like it’s been longer then a month for me writing up a proper Monthly Favorites Post. I tend to be a weird mix of talking about myself a bit here, and sometimes not. Gotta keep things interesting I suppose.

I’m hanging out and in mostly. I have my routines and tend to keep to them. During my break I did a bit of social distance, approved by my work, travels around my prefecture. I actually got to visit an art exhibit for both Shaman King and then Yoshitaka Amano’s art exhibit featuring some Final Fantasy concept art pieces. Again, social distanced and heavily monitored but it was really enjoyable in go out for a bit and see art exhibits. It’s one of my off-line hobbies. Additionally, I took some time to really re-adjust my writing and work on some upcoming blogs a bit more. I always work better having schedules and plans and being able to draft, come back, and then post. Just personal preference.

Well, I tend to shift my Monthly Favorites around as I see fit so that’s about enough from me. Here’s a run-down of all the good stuff I came across this month.


Recently discovered (as in I found out about them this month!) Anime As A Cup Of Tea posted their eloquent review of “Her Blue Sky“. I… had my words robbed from me. It never occured to me how poetic a review could be until this post and their part archive.

KiritoNarukami blogged about one of my favorites of the year, Listeners, in “Listeners [Review]“. Much more level headed and much more conhearant then my own review, so definitely worth checking out!

This is an article that’s half good and half bad for anime and manga fans. “Pirate sites ‘Kissanime’ and ‘Kissmanga’ have been taken down forever, the start of Japan’s stricter copyright law” was reported on by Aniradioplus on August 15th.

SpaceWhales Anime Blog, wrote “Stop saying ‘trap’“, a simple title, but an incredibly nuanced piece. Very much something everyone, regardless of your stance on the term, should give a read through.


Grimm Reads has reminded me that “The Legend of Dororo and Hyakkimaru (1)” is a new adaptation of last years major success “Dororo”. Mixed opinions from Grimm Reads, and mixed feeling from me as I consider picking up an English version even now….

Bloom Reviews has come and reminded us that once again; gangsters and cats in one single manga are a thing. “Caturday Treats: Why You Should Read Nyankees“, which I feel that the title says it all. If you’re like me and behind on your manga, give this a read before picking your next titles to start.


From Turntable Thoughts, we have “3 Anime Soundtracks I Love (And 1 That I Hate)“. Things I don’t consider that I probably should. As always an interesting listen and read!

On the Bias List, they discussed two artists near and dear to my heart, EXILE’s Atsushi and jpop soloist, Koda Kumi. “Song Review: Exile Atsushi x Koda Kumi – Osaka Tokyo“, is all about the duo’s latest release and their thoughts on it. Be sure to check it out.

As a bonus, JRock News snagged this cool piece, “Interview: The uniqueness that is “Jiluka”“. For fans of Japanese Metal and Visual Kei, a must read as the band has hit their 5th year anniversary!

Otaquest is coming in hot with another interview of a GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE member, this time Shirahama Alan in, “Interview With Alan Shirahama of EXILE and GENERATIONS: Looking at His DJing Background & Motivation“. It’s really insightful to his DJ’ing beginnings and what he’s up to as of late.

SCANDAL reappears on my blog, via THEHONEYPOP’s interview “SCANDAL THE GIRLS THAT PUT ROCK IN J-ROCK“. It’s a really sweet interview, with plenty of updates on the band from this year. Be sure to check it out!


Quite the pleasent surprise! Shoujo Thoughts: Otaku Rambles blogged, ““How You’ve Turned My World:” Growing Up in the Labyrinth –“Labyrinth” (1986) film analysis“. I adore this post and still to do this day adore Labyrinth. A must read for fans of the film!

Published by the New Yorker, but written by none other than Haruki Murakami is the flash fiction “The Kingdom That Failed“. Anytime I get more Murakami in my life is a good day friends.

With that, I’m going to call this Monthly Favorites a wrap! I’ll leave you with the newest release from Negicco called “Midnight Sympathy”. It’s a bit funky but really fun as well and I hope you enjoy it! With that I’ll see you all next post!


  1. What a wonderful spread! I’m definitely going to flip through these today. “Midnight Sympathy” was also a pleasant surprise at the end and I will be adding it to my playlist. And of course, thank you for the feature!

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