August Acquisitions – A Manga Haul

Hello friends! I feel as though my manga tab is rather overwhelmed with reviews this past year. So I figured I would take some notes from fellow bloggers and try out some new to my blog features. This one being a manga haul. So let’s dive into it!

First up, probably to no one’s surprise is Flying Witch, volumes 1 through 9 by Ishizuka Chihiro. In case you missed my earlier post reviewing the anime, here’s a basic premise. Makoto is a young 15 year old witch, who moves from the bustling Yokohoma Prefecture to the quiet naturally area of Aomori Prefecture to begin her independant study. Accompanied by her faithful familiar Chito, she is joined by family, friends, and a variety of supernatural friends!

I don’t want to take too long with this one, but the anime really did soothe my soul. Plus, I was gifted volumes 6 & 7, I figured why not just pick up the rest of the series and start reading? So I did exactly that. I’m looking forward to giving my thoughts once I hit the section after the anime!

Next was the spur of the moment complete series, three volumes, pick-up of Toxic, by Takahashi Ryou. I didn’t even know the synopsis until I started writing this blog. I was suckered by the volume one cover art, a steal of a price, and it being a complete set. The synopsis is as follows (paraphrased from the MAL entry); The Unified World Government is established after World War III, in which the Nazi’s win and the Führer is in control. “Traitors”, people with disabilities, anyone who doesn’t conform to the creation of a “Perfect World” is eliminated. Luka Ogami, a top graduate of the Academy of Unified Army Officer, joins the Black Rose, the personal protection unit of the Führer. In order to… save the world?

Folks, I have no idea how this series fits into shojo since that’s where I found it. According to MAL it’s a shojo, and it was run in Comic Avarus which seems to have a bit of a more mature audience. Military manga isn’t usually my thing, but at three volumes I can’t say I’m not curious to see where this series goes and tell you all about it.

I didn’t anticipate picking up this series. But knowing me, once I saw it the title immediately went into my basket. That title being, Tamiko and Visual Kei and., written by Kawata Yushi and illustrated by Yukito. The story description, from the website is; “A young adolescent girl. “If only I didn’t stay like this…”, she mutters and through that phrase a mysterious Visual Kei person appears!”

I have already worked through a handful of chapters when writing this and I have to say; that’s both the ideal summary and tells you absolutely nothing about the story at the same time. You can guess between the cover and the title that regardless of the actual story, I fully intend on reading this beginning to end. I’m going to do something a little different and review the story volume by volume here. I can’t say for now if I’m enjoying it, the lack of furigana kills me each page turn as I hastily check the kanji I don’t know, but it’s certainly an interesting premise.

I…. got suckered by the cover art real bad with this one. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I wasn’t really looking for another series, since I already had the prior titles, as well as a few hangers on that I’ve had on my shelves for a bit. But the covers were shiny you guys. Shiny, distinct art style, surprisingly I was able to read the plot synopsis and cover notes without becoming confused. Did I need to buy this series? No, but I knew if I didn’t buy it I would regret it and or be unable to find it again, so there we go.

I didn’t know the synopsis in full until seeing the inside panel (surprisingly in English, go figure) so here we go; “Blue Phobia is a disease that dyes the human body blue. This disease turns human bones into “sea sapphires” that shine beautiful like the deep ocean is trapped within them. Then people who have lost their ethics pursue the possibly that the disease. No one must stay on this isolated island. A young man whose lost his memory and a girl with the disease then try to escape from here…” (Edited a bit from the original for clarity and grammar)

I didn’t want to spoil myself, but apparently there are only two volumes so I am pumped for this series. I both want to dive in right away, and also wait until the time is right. There’s a delicate balance and sooner or later I will dive into the blue and see what the series is about.

The last bit, is a series I’m not picturing since it’s not really a new aquisition so much as… destiny? For those that read my manga reviews and such I’ve written a ton about Higuchi Daisuke, and that their first story Whistle!, is one of my ultimate series. I had hemmed and hawed for awhile about buying the series in it’s entiredy in Japanese, considering I own it in English but… I caved. I own it now. It’s on my shelf. I’m utterly pleased and can’t wait for the day all my Higuchi Sensei series are all together as a big happy family.

Once I read through the series above, and finish my review backlog, I’ll be liesurely re-reading the series in Japanese. I don’t anticipate a review, since it would be so biased I don’t think it’d be enjoyable. Thus, I didn’t feel inclinded to add a synopsis here. Also being 24 volumes, adding it into my header image wouldn’t be easy so… I didn’t.

This is just a sampling of my most recent additions. I have a plethora of other titles I’ve read where the reviews will be trickling in soon! I’m looking forward to both reading these titles, and then sharing my thoughts with you guys soon. With that, I’ll see you next post!


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