July (2020) Monthly Favorites

This month… I’ve been off my game. This particular feature post is a bit sparse but focused. So without further ado, let’s get into the good stuff!


Kicking off the anime section is Scott with, “Sports Anime and the One Year Issue“. What can I say that I haven’t said? Read the article, and you see my thoughts in the comment section!

Following up is Irina with “What I Learned from Watching the Ghost Stories Dub“. If you haven’t read this yet, be sure to! Not even a subs verses dubs debate, just talking about Ghost Stories and their incredibly curious dub.

ThatRandomEditor has posed the all important question, “Where Are the Shojo Anime?“. I’ve given my thoughts, but I’m sure they’d love to hear your’s as well!


Al is always coming in with the newest reviews, especially with “How Do We Relationship? Vol 1 Review“. Finally a manga where I might be learning something practical, and Al’s review just cements that.

From The Animanga Spellbook, we have very important advice in “The “Underrated” Paradox (Or, How to Discover Rare Gems in Manga). We all have the time, so take a peek before you start picking out the newest styles.

Monthly Manga – The Girl Who Can See It” by The Backloggers has brought up a series on my backlog! I’m hoping I can pick up this title soon but… my manga backlog… is staggering. For now I’ll settle for reading other people’s thoughts.

JDramas and JMovies

I’ve been rather depressed having just recently watched one of Miura Haruma’s dramas. We truly lost a legend this month. evening tea muses put together, “The Best of Haruma Miura” so if you want to see a legend in action be sure to take a read and watch.


How to Get Weebs into Western Pop: milet – eyes Album Review” by Weeb Revues. I’ve seen milet come up more then once in my Youtube recommendations. She seems to being coming up more and more in the blog-o-sphere. It’s a good introduction to her for those curious!

appearxd, is coming for my heart with this one. “15th anniversary: The legacy of Namie Amuro’s Queen of Hip-Pop“, just wow. A stunning review of the impact of Namie Amuro’s album.

that foreign music blog. is coming in on a lighter note with “Nostalgic Japanese karaoke songs“. Give it a peek and watch as the names take you back to an easier time.

Closing Thoughts and Recs

Did I ever play Shenmue? No. Will I ever? Also no. But I did end up watching this as white noise, but actually tuning in and focusing because holy shit this was a cool concept and excellant story in terms of the actual video game and video itself.

This was a bit shorter and thinner than I anticipated, but… it happens. I’ll see you next month with a meatier post! As always drop your recommendations for me as well down below!


  1. Thank you for linking my post! I also shared a link to this post on my Facebook and Twitter because- seriously- you put out some great content on very untouched topics. Keep up the excellent work!

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