June (2020) Monthly Favorites

Hello again friends and strangers alike. It it once again, the end of the month and boy has this been a bit of a long one for all of us. This following statement of mine probably won’t contribute to lifting the mood, but given this is my personal platform;

I am inclined to make my stance known.

I use my platform largely for escapism. I know that many of my followers seek my platform for the same reason. I’ve been taking this month, to do more listening then speaking in regards to Black Lives Matter. In addition to doing my best to educate, stay aware, and contribute to the movement where I can. It does need to be said though;

My blog has, and always will be in support of Black Lives Matter.

Before I get into my usual features, I would like to link some resources I’ve found and recommend others to take a look at here..

Firstly, the blacklivesmatter carrd is here. If you’re like me, late to the party and lost as to where to start, start here.

This next section is a series of Instagram accounts. Many of which are English to Japanese or English-Japanese resources for elaborating on the situation at hand. It’s been critical for me given I am an American, but currently live and work in Japan. Blossomtheproject on Instagram, and their official website. Japaninsolidarity on Instagram, and their Japanese carrd is here. Hanasou.jp on Instagram, and their carrd is here. The ko_archives, an Instagram focused on united Japanese womxn across the world, but also has turned their focus to English and Japanese infographics on BLM and other movements. Lastly, officialmillennialblack an Instagram focused on BLM and other related subjects. They are also publishing a book next year. They’ve been great for a new to this issue person like me and very easy to process information in English.

I’d also like to take this time to highlight The Blerdy Otome, as well as their post “The Blerdy Tribe – Black Creators You Should Be Following”. It’s a really fantastic post showcasing some amazing creators to check out, follow, and support.

Additionally, BiblioNyan in their post “Silence is Violence + Resources & Ways to Help with the Black Lives Matter Movement”. Their compilation of books for self-education has been essential for me.

I know this is a deviation from my usual Monthly Favorites. I understand this is a heavy subject for many, and that I am late/awkward/a variety of other adjectives in regards to this subject. I am doing my best at allyship, but admit that I am imperfect. I’ll continue to educate myself and progress as best I can. I ask that any commentary be polite and respectful in regards to any of the creators I have linked above, in addition of myself. Thank you for your time.

Now, for my regularly scheduled featured section. Surprisingly, I am a bit on the thin side when it comes to anime features. However, I really enjoyed LofZOdessy’s thoughts in “Anime Hajime Review: Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu“. So be sure to give it a peek especially for all you wota readers I know I have.

So now we push right on into the manga featurettes. First up is Just Something About Lyn Lyn’s blog, “Inexperienced 30: Thoughts on I’m around thirty and finally in love“. A josei manga that actually delivers on first love for “older” women? Count me in.

Following this recommendation is Two Happy Cats with, “Yumi to Kurumi Manga Review – Sew, Sew Good“. It sounds absolutely adorable, and very relatable. I hope I’m able to pick this one up soon!

Without interruption we are in Japanese Film, and JDrama land. Leading off is “Punk’s Not Dead, We Just Grew Up: Some Thoughts on Linda Linda Linda” by Coffee Fueled Film Rambles. Man, “Linda Linda Linda” is not letting up on me this month! Even more motivation to go back and revisit this film.

From a new to me blog, we have the Unbother Unnies with, “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Kono Otoko wa Jinsei Saidai no Ayamachidesu“. Which is a series I had seen here and there, but glad to finally see a full review so I know what the humming was about!

With limited fanfare, we are in the music portion of my featurette! Wretched and Divine has shared their “My Favourite flumpool Songs“. Always nice to see an artist have a spotlight shone on them, and bonus when it’s a list of where to start listening!

Similarly, but in the Jpop vein is Sunocation with, “Best of the Best: My Top 10 Arashi Songs (1999-2009)“. I’ve been riding the Arashi train fast these past few months between their best of album, and their Netflix documentary. So it’s nice to see other people’s thoughts on their extensive discography!

Another new comer to my featured section, is Kbopped with, “SONG REVIEW: Relationships. No way way – Morning Musume“. This post reminded me that I should be putting together my mid-year musical musings sometime soon… But it looks like I might need to review more throughly since this track, surprisingly, slipped by my radar.

Of course, as soon as I saw this post by It’s only Rock’n’Roll; I knew it would end up here. That being that It’s only Rock’n’Roll has “Original Interview – ACME“. Always ready for more ACME content.

Rapping up my music features is none other than Idol is Shit with, “[Review] Los An Jewels – Springs“. Hey it’s a review talking about that group I featured at the end of my post last month! Shoegaze-y mixed with rap, and they’re idols? Count me in once again!

Normally this is where I’d throw in some non-blogger features but surprisingly I don’t have any this month. I’ve made the active decision that my non-blogger features were at the beginning of this monthly favorites verses here.

So I’m wrapping up this section with myself; all things considered I’m holding up. Still working on ‘the new normal’. I go on small trips, one of which allowed me to see the wild horses with their foals like the featured image. I’ve been working on my fitness between blogging bursts.

My ending feature is a shout-out to Sabrina of Lunaex. She was kind enough to invite me to her podcast earlier this month just to chat about a variety of stuff. Linked below is my specific interview, but I’ve linked to her blog and to the podcast in general so be sure to check it out!

The Road to Becoming a UX Designer – Linda Ahn Shares Her Unique Story of How She Learned UX Design Lunaex: Design your life

Welcome to the second podcast episode of Lunaex, the Asian-interest personal development site that hopes to spark inspiration, exploration, and growth. Today, Linda Ahn, a UX designer and Youtuber, shares the story of how she went from studying medicine, to fashion, and finally discovering her passion for design. 
  1. The Road to Becoming a UX Designer – Linda Ahn Shares Her Unique Story of How She Learned UX Design
  2. Hobby Blogging about Japanese Pop Culture and Life in Japan – Rise from Phoenix Talks Pop Culture Japan on How to Blog Consistently, Coming up with Topic Ideas, and Life in Rural Japan
  3. Starting an English School in Japan: James Dawson on mindset, personality tests, and studying Japanese – Lunaex 01
  4. From Hong Kong to America – Mom Talks About Fitting In, Being a Nurse, COVID-19, and Her Parents – Lunaex 02

This was certainly a more lengthy and self-serving Monthly Favorites, but hey; it be like that. (But not always.) I’ll see you guys next month with a potentially more concise line-up, but we’ll just have to wait and see. With that, see you next post!


  1. Thanks for your ‘selfish’ post on Black Lives Matter 😁. I won’t elaborate more than that, because it will be longer than your post. I’m not a fan of Arashi but I’ll check those particular songs. Maybe I’ll get into them. Same thing with Morning Musume. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad that it’s being taken positively. 🙂

      Yay! Arashi and Morning Musume are really interesting, so I hope you find a track or two you like from them!


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