May (2020) Monthly Favorites

Once again, we are back at it with my Monthly Favorites. A little less about me this month since, well, not much has happened. Thankfully. I go to work, do what I do, come home and ocassionally watch anime, dramas, read some manga, the usual. So without further ado, let’s just jump into this month’s Round-Up.


Throwing the first pitch, is Al of omunibasu with, “My Complicated Thoughts about Tamayomi“. I couldn’t agree more, and I feel many other viewers will as well. Be sure to give it a view as Al does some great work breaking down the good, and the… questionable about the series.

We progress forward with Kapodaco of The Visualist’s Veranda blog post, “Early Impressions: Houkago Teibou Nisshi“. I’m in the same boat, that it’s very easy to watch, nothing ground breaking, but also has really nice visuals. Something that would be really nice to have about now.

The most pleasent surprise of this month, “Black Jack: The Movie – Performance Comes with A Cost” from Scott of Mechanical Anime Reviews. I’m a huge Tezuka nerd, so to see someone else’s take on this film? The best feeling ever.


Leading off the manga section is “Monthly Manga – Cheerful Amnesia” by Mythos of The Backloggers. Title of the blog, intriguing. The title of the manga, also intriguing. My personal interest, piqued. I’m curious to see how following volumes are received.

BL Metamorphosis Manga Volume One Review“, by BloomReviews threw me for another loop. Once I got my bearings on the title, and the premise; might be another winner for the PTR list everyone.

JDramas and JMovies

Into the movies! Eiga Files reviewed “Dear Etranger / 幼な子われらに生まれ“, a title I reviewed awhile back as well. They discuss the more series matters of the title, and if it’s for you. Still a highly recommended title in my opinion, and glad to see other viewer’s opinions on it.

Worldmovies365 reviewed the little known Netflix title “Giri/Haji’ in their review, “Netflix Nights-In……..‘Giri/Haji’ Is Your Next Binge-Watching Obsession!“. I’m not going to lie; it got me curious. I think the title, and content can speak for itself on this one.


Bridging the gap between dramas and movies is “Popular Throwback Songs Featured in Japanese Dramas and TV Shows That’ll Spice Up Your Quarantine Life” by One%Cooler. Not only a great selection of dramas, but a great selection of the songs that made them what they were. A must read for drama and music fans!

We then have Nick of the BIAS LIST, with “The Top Ten Best Songs by AAA“. I couldn’t agree more, especially as the unit begins winding down their group activities set to finish this coming December. Jump on the hype wagon friends.

Ansounna of Riffs with Sith, blogged “X Japan, “Blue Blood” (1989)“, and their thoughts on such an iconic album. This post certainly made me go back and give this classic a spin.

A fimilar name to long-term visitors of my blog, Esilogram of Over The Offing blogged, “Tricot Album Review MAKKURO / PITCH BLACK (New J-Rock)“. It’s a wonderfully put together review of an album I have neglected to listen to in full. I will rectify my wrongs soon!

Others in the blog-o-sphere

Moyatori of The Moyatorium dropped their blog, “Translation is Hard: 5 Obstacles to a Good Translation“. I personally think this is a must read for anyone who enjoys materials in their non-native language. It’s incredibly informative.

Irina of I Drink and Watch Anime, hit us back to nearly back with “Reading and Writing Blog Comments” as well as “Follow up on Writing Blog Comments“. For all the bloggers who feel like they can’t contribute anything, or the readers who feel like they can’t contribute to the conversation; this one is for us. We’re all awkward and unsure of our commenting styles and that’s okay!

Non-Blogger Articles

I love nurié. They’re one of my favorite new VKei bands and vkgy snagged an interview with them. It’s incredibly insightful so be sure to read that here, in english.

Also in VKei news, JRock News has snagged another dope collaboration with “Vijuttoke”, a free magazine for VKei in Japan. Read about the collaboration here, and look forward to more crossover articles in the future!

So for this round-up, that’s a wrap! I’ll leave you guys with Los An jewels “Drink Up”, which has been bumping on my speakers on and off all month. I’ll see you guys around soon! Safe stay, social distance, and don’t forget to keep washing those hands!


    • Not disbanding but they are intending to go on hiatus at the end of the year after a tour. The members want to pursue their solo activities more exclusively.


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