This Asteroid Is Best Left Unobserved – “Asteroid in Love” Review

One of the rare times I step into the dangerous world of cute girls doing cute things, with the flair of astronomy and geology at the focus. The goal however is of course space, the final frontier… or is it?

The series starts when Mira Kinohata meets Ao Manaka. The two have a very brief encounter where Ao teaches Mira about the wonders of the galaxy to be seen through a telescope, including asteroids. There even happens to be one that’s named Mira! Yet, there isn’t an asteroid named Ao. Mira, ever upbeat vows to Ao that they will find an asteroid together and name it after her. We then jump forward to high school, where Mira wants to join the Astronomy Club! Only to find it has merged with the Geology club to form the Earth Sciences Club, filled with some interesting sempai’s and even, Mira’s long-lost friend Ao. With the duo reunited, and a club behind their efforts, it’s time to find an asteroid!

Now, I do give a certain amount of flack to the CGDCT genre since it tends to be swap the club theme, color palettes, and just go from there in most stories. “Koisuru Asteroid” falls exactly into that catagory, with the focus being that two clubs have joined together in the woefully under pursued area of earth science.


To be honest, much like earlier reviewed, “The Case Files of Richard the Jeweler”; this series reminded me of my long lost love of geology from elementary school. So my forgotten knowledge of geology, minerals and previous being brushed up by both series tickled my fancy. Koisuru having the additional bonus of reminding me of that one time I took an astronomy class course in high school and loved it.

I’ll give the series full credit; I learned (or relearned) a lot in a very approachable and engaging manner each episode. Each episode gave nods to astronomy of course, given our two protagonists affinity for the subject, but geology wasn’t ignored! It got it’s proper time to shine, literally and figuratively.

But aside from that, I can’t really recommend the series. If you don’t have at least a passing interest in either astronomy or geology the series is just going to bore you. While the pace is easy going for the most part, almost becoming a Iyashiki but not really. Since episode 9 the rocket is lit without much warning, disrupting the flow of the series. I get the series wanted to end strong, but it just fell flat.

Mira and Ao
Mira and Ao, they are admittedly very cute.

The characters are of course cute. However, I can’t say that any of them have meaningful characterization that’s memorable. They have their troupe characteristics, motivations, and individual interests but really nothing beyond that. Despite the series best efforts for me to be endeared to the cast, a week after airing I barely remembered their names or interests. I enjoyed watching their interests play out, and their antics were entertaining at the time of airing. I just don’t anticipate the story sticking around in my mind.

It was easy watching, and would make for a very easy binge, without too much struggle, or payout. For someone like me who doesn’t really watch CGDCTs, but liked the subject matter enough to give it a shot, it was pleasent but underwhelming. As my final thought, I can say the series is just your run of the mill CGDCT, not even set in space, and not much more.

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