April (2020) Monthly Favorites

Hello friends, and internet people who stumble upon my blog from time to time. It’s once again the time of the month where I bundle up all the good stuff I’ve come across this month, and present it to you, here. It’s a little ‘late’ since we’re in strange times, and it slipped past me. So it goes.

In regards to me; I’m hanging on and hanging out. That’s about all we can do in these situations. I’m back at work here in Japan. My region is less impacted by the virus, so with… debatable measures in place we’re back in action tentatively. I do my best to social distance, mask on, minimal trips outside and elsewhere. I have been getting stir crazy so I’ve gone a lot of long walks with my camera. Luckily, it’s finally sakura season in my region so that’s where the above photo is from.

That’s about enough about me so on to the content! First into the interesting video of the month!

Occasionally, I find videos that are vaguely related to anime. The below video is one such thing since I didn’t know there was a specific name for things that we may or may not have once had or viewed i.e. Lost Media. And two, I wasn’t aware of the extensive history of Dragonball subs, including those in the video below. It’s a very interesting look at how far the anime community has come, i.e. the VHS swapping days, and what other discoveries could be made in the future. Additionally, there’s a discussion about an anime that was spoken into existence, but with 98% certainty, in my opinion, doesn’t exist. I.E. Saki Sanobashi or “Go For a Punch”.

It’s fascinating to see how watching so much anime can help someone ‘create’ one in their minds, troll or not. It’s even more interesting to see how devoted fans can be when it comes to the idea of something being ‘lost’, even if there’s no confirmation it ever existed. There’s an oddly unnerving, but surprisingly upbeat genre of lost media searchers online. This channel covers quite a few cases, and I am curious if and when certain other series might become ‘lost’ in the future.

Anime & Manga 

Continuing in the anime space I have LofZOdyssey with their blog, “Anime Hajime Review: Somali and the Forest Spirit“. A series I took a pass on, but the review has me potentially putting it on the ever expanding PTW list.

Next is Kalt in Thought with, “Asteroid in Love – How Big Is Our Universe?”. It’s a very short and sweet review. It’s also very insightful for comparisons between other CGDCT series for those more well-versed then I in the genre.

Moving into manga, I have Indiecator entering my feature with their blog”Review – Girl By the Sea“. A focused review on the Inio Asano title, highlighting why this shorter series should be given a read. I’m certainly considering it.

Next is from Lita Kino is, “Enter Your World | A Sign of Affection“. No gonna lie, as soon as I get my finances in order this series is going in the cart. It’s the type of shojo that deserves attention, and Lita has been kind enough to spotlight it.

I also have on the batting order Yon Nyan with “Manga Character Spotlight: Takeo Gōda & the Heartfelt Intention of Healthy Relationships“. Character studies and/or spotlights are super important, and seeing this one just really brightened my day.

Japanese Drama and Films

First up is Watching Asia Film Reviews with, “The Power of Transformation: Celebrating 45 Years of Super Sentai (Re-edited)“. For fans and those who only have an inkling of what a Super Sentai actually is. This is a very fun, and informative read.

Next is the aptly titled, “Three Reasons to watch the Japanese Drama, Hey Sensei Don’t You Know?” by clkytta of Dramas with a Side of Kimchi. Short, sweet, and seemingly the right kind of sugar-pill romance we all need in these circumstances.

Of course, I have to shout-out anyone else talking about “Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de”, so that’s what I’m doing right here! Missienelly of My Myooz posted, “Just Watched: Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de“. You all know my feelings go check out theirs!

Evening Tea Musing shook it up with their post, “Synopses Turned Haikus: Japanese Dramas“. A good shake up post from the extended reviews and lists coming out this month.

Almiradventures shared their list of, “Japanese Drama to Binge-watch During Lockdown (even if not!)“, which has a variety of titles and genres spread over the years. Be sure to give it a peek if you’ve exhausted your Netflix queue.

We then have, “Thoughts On: Seirei no Moribito” by Timescout from A Touch of Drama. A very interesting piece on this lesser known title. A live-action adaptation with three seasons to develop the series, AND it has Ayase Haruka doing her own stunts? Sign me up! (Eventually)

We’re nearing the end of the JDramas and Movies I promise. I have ThatJapaneseDramaGuy with “Nibiiro no Hako no Naka de Review“. A series with Kamio Fuju I missed airing?? I have committed a crime against myself, and given the review I need to rectify this immediately!

Lastly, there is “Actor’s Spotlight: 100 Years of Toshiro Mifune” by Bondan Syamasu of Broadly Specific. For those who like classic cinema, and want a brief history lesson this is the post for you!


Monthly Melodies 2020: Re-igniting my love for AAA” is a great post by Sirius of Sirius Writes, talking all about my favorite co-ed group AAA. Since the group is intending to wrap their activities at the end of the year, now is the perfect time to catch up on their extensive discography with some recommendations from Sirius and diving in yourself!

From Rovegurraa we have their post, “My Top 10 Bands“. Which, we always need more Visual Kei bloggers, so I’m really happy to have found their blog this past month! Looking forward to being able to spread more VKei love in this section!

Idols and You – Thoughts on Galbraith & Karlin’s 33 1/3 JAPAN, AKB48 (a book recommendation and some more musings after)” by Leap250 is not only musically inclined but a book review! For those looking for real idol material and where to start, this review sets the stage pretty well.

Lastly, is a real fun blog post from alfredopasta of omunibasu, with “Creating Apple Music ‘Essentials’ Playlists for Some J-Pop Artists“. It’s music, it’s recommendations with a variety of genres within pop and within the booming J-Music scene. Be sure to give it a listen and a read!

Non-Blogger Pieces

Of course, as soon as I saw the title I had to feature it. “Naoki Kobayashi: A J-Pop star jumps to a new stage“; a must-read for fans!

This is a piece that’s a lot to take in. I need more fans of Japanese culture, and Queer Eye to read this. “My Culture is Not Your Toy: A Gay Japanese Man’s Perspective on Queer Eye Japan“, a completely butchered opportunity by the Queer Eye cast.

So with that block of recommendations, I’ll leave you with an upbeat track to dance to while you read! See you next month!


  1. Thanks for the mention! I may not do Monthly Favorites, but I’m making an effort to stay up to date with your great blog 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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