Visual Kei in the Rain: Yusai’s “Rain”

Welcome back to the third installment of “Visual Kei in the Rain”! If you have noticed the theme is indeed rain, and rather bleak outlooks, I’d like to inform you this week hasn’t deterred from that subject. Visual Kei is good at that sort of stuff.

This track, I had to include because it’s the most literal when it comes to tracks I picked for the theme. It also happens to be by a group I loved desperately, but appears to have foreshadowed their circumstances in this track…

I won’t be going super extensive, but Yusai is a group where their vocalist, Amane disappeared suddenly. The group then fired him, and disbanded which while not uncommon in Visual Kei was the first case where I was truly crushed by. Also Amane used the rain kanji in his stage name which is… something. What I don’t know, but something.

Unfortunately, with some serious digging I haven’t been able to find a credible source for the kanji used with in the lyrics. So I’ll be referencing Sophieのブログ, which has a romanization of the Japanese to follow, as well as English translation.

While the song does literally talk about rain, and it’s associated meanings especially as the start. It slowly shifts to the perspective of vocalist, arguably Amane since it’s unclear who wrote the lyrics. The feeling that the rain is not only perhaps literal, but metaphorical as well. Slowly showing that the circumstance is not as simple as not needing an umbrella, but that regardless of use that nothing will change. I highly recommend reading Sophie’s translations since the song is not only brilliant, but Sophie’s translation is really well done too.

The most worrisome stanza is number 8 with the lines of;

“This downpour of rain is so empty

Like the passing of time, it flows away unnoticed

Cleansing my dirty heart

Changing with the falling rain, becoming mud,

Before I knew it,

Yes, it vanished. “

Which if it wasn’t a premonition for what was to come of the group; I am left absolutely dumbfounded.

So I… did not fully anticipate how heavy this feature would get, but I’ve invested so much time that I don’t want to abandon in favor of something lighter. I’ll try that with a different theme.

Until we meet again in the rain~

Again, full credit to Sophie’s blog for romanji and translation.

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