If SPY x FAMILY was a Live-Action…

Inspired by evening tea musings “If Hataraku Saibou had a live adaptation…“, I’ve decided to make my own! I might end up making this a little series here on my blog. It once again combines two things I enjoy, and talk about separately here. Seems like it might be a fun infrequent series!

A manga I’ve been obsessed with “SPY x FAMILY”, I even included it in my choices for the “Give It a Light Novel Title Challenge” blog. It’s such a unique found-family premise, which I’m a sucker for. Given that the action has only picked up with each chapter, my mind immediately wondered what it would be like in real time… But first, the plot of the series for those who might not be in the know.

In “SPY x FAMILY”, Agent Twilight is able to adapt to any role, all the for the sake of world peace. His most recent mission involves investigating a reclusive politician, who only seems to make public appearances at his son’s school. Thus “Twilight” must build a nuclear family, get his ‘child’ into this school, and not blow his cover in front of his ‘child’ or ‘wife’. He ends up adopting Anya, an esper and the main point of entry for his mission. Through his daughter, he ends up meeting Yor Briar, an unassuming officer worker, whose true occupation is assassin. Given Anya’s abilities, she knows both their secrets! Of course, she won’t say anything because her new family is everything she’s ever wanted! Each member has their secrets, so playing house has never had such high stakes!

Now for the casting choices! A drum roll please!

Handler (Yamaguchi Tomoko/ 山口智子)

The Handler! Mysterious, mature, and the true shot caller of Agent Twilight’s activities. In the manga, she remains unexplored at this time, but with due time I think we’ll learn more about her. I had the hardest time thinking of an actress to suit The Handler. Until I remembered Yamaguchi Tomoko, a beautiful actress with an extensive career and diverse roles. I loved her in “Medical Examiner Asagao”, as the unit director and thus, I knew she would be perfect for this role.

Franky (Kato Ryo/ 加藤諒)

You can’t tell me that the resemblance isn’t uncanny. This role, should it ever come to fruitition, would be destiny. However, it’s not only physical appearance that made me pick Kato Ryo for this. Kato Ryo has the range to to do the quirkier, comedic relief that Franky provides, seen in his roles in the likes of “Tonde Saitama” and “Prince of Legend”. As a counter weight, he also has experiance in gritty series like “Gangoose”, so he’ll be able to pull of the moment of top-class intelligent gathering as well. He’s a well-rounded actor, that not only had the appearance but the skills to pull off Franky.

Yuri Briar (Hasegawa Makoto/長谷川慎)

This photo doesn’t quite do Makoto justice, but he usually sports black hair, I swear. Makoto is the least experienced actor of the bunch I picked for this feature, but I feel he has amazing potential. Given what we know as Yuri Briar an officer whose unforgiving in his work, but clumsily doting on his older sister. I think with the guidance of the more seasoned cast, and a solid director; he’d nail being Yuri. Then again, that’s my personal bias creeping in.

Yor “Thorn Princess” Briar (Nanao/菜々緒)

We’re into the core casting, especially when it comes to actresses. Yor needs an actress that’s not only innocent and charming, but also competent and confident in her abilities as a hitwoman. I can see no one other then Nanao, being Yor. She has the experiance to pull off both sides of Yor flawlessly.

Loid “Twilight” Forger (Yamazaki Kento/山﨑賢人)

There were so many actors I considered for Loid. However, there are two reasons that Kento earned my casting. The first, is appearance. Kento has the right balance of features, and the more disarming facade that Loid needs to succeed. The second is Kento’s experiance in live-action adaptations, which is a double-edged sword. However, since Kento has starred in shojos to Jojo’s live-actions giving him the know-how to make a solid live-action. Kento has also done some twisted roles, allowing him to handle the darker and more drastic side to Loid.

Anya Forger (???)

Anya SxF

Now, for Anya. Probably single-handedly the most important character of the series, she is the glue that hold the family together! She’s the one that literally knows all! Yet, I couldn’t cast her. It’s just too hard to try and find an active child actor, considering Anya is only 6 year’s old when the series starts. So it’s a little unreasonable to try and cast someone since child actor profiles are fairly limited.

Sorry to end a bit on a cliff-hanger with Anya’s lack of casting. I promise if I make this series, I’ll do better to make sure everyone actually gets casted. This was super fun for me to write. So I hope it was fun to read!

Let me know your thoughts about my choices, and share yours if you have any!

Also, all manga images were sourced from the Spy x Family Wiki | Fandom here.



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