March (2020) Monthly Favorites

What is up my dudes? This month, has been rough for everyone, everywhere. I would love to say something insightful and deeply meaningful to take your mind off of it but… I do not. That’s why I’ve gathered up an array of blog posts, and even videos (two whole videos!) to share with you guys this month.

As for me; I am holding up. I’ve been significantly more productive in regards to my blog since my job is generous with how I can spend my time. Normally, I would spend time with my co-workers planning next year’s academic schedule, but with placement changes and other factors that was ruled out. On top of social distancing preventing me from really seeing the co-workers I work directly with in normal circumstances.

So, I’ve read a lot of manga. In Japanese, cover to cover which has been amazing! Absolutely smashed my goal to finish reading at least three manga from my shelf. Those reviews will be coming out once I recover from the reading and reviewing burn-out I accidentally gave myself in the process.  I’ve also been able to write a fair amount of other posts in-between, so I while I usually post every other day, you guys might get a post every day, for better or worse.

Aside from that, I am still chugging along with my drama and movie challenge, on top of airing anime/dramas. So those will still be coming out pretty regularly too, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

So first up is one of the videos I mentioned! This one being by Youtuber, In Praise of Shadows with their video “Why You Should Watch Death Parade”. Now, I know that I am among the few that hasn’t seen this classic. Trust me, it’s one the list. I’ll get there when I get there. What makes this different is this is told by a channel that specializes in horror genre materials, not an anituber. So their points are much more focused on the why, when, how this series functions, positively and negatively as a horror story. I found the perspective refreshing and meaningful.


In anime, but not a video is The AniManga Spellbook with their post “Ode to Anime Studios – Science Saru”. We need more props to Animation studios and this is a great way to start. Especially since a lot of my recent favorite films have come from this studio.

We also have Jon Spencer with “Anime ABC’s V is for Versailles no Bara”. I’ve talked about this series, a lot especially in my February Shojo Challenge posts. Worth reading because this series still holds up as a classic all these years later.

We now are popping into my Mecha March picks from this month! Obviously we have to start with the creator, Scott. “#MechaMarch : Cyborg 009 : The Cyborg Solider : Fighting For Peace and Humanity”, I truly adore this series. I’m really glad that Scott has expanded and been able to include series like this.

Additionally, we have have Lita with, “5 Favourite Mecha Bop Openings”. I mean the title says it all right? It’s got music, mecha, and that’s about all I need to give it a shout out this month!

To my surpise, and semi-horror… I don’t have any manga related posts this month for you guys!! So we’re going hope that social distancing allows people more time to read and write, and have recommendations come back this month. So we move along to JDramas and JMovies.

From Amandamaziing we have “‘Drowning Love’ (Oboreru Knife) Ending Explained: Review & Analysis of Japanese movie starring Komatsu Nana and Suda Masaki”. Which is a bit of a rarity within the JFilm franchise to have in-depth analysis. At least to my knowledge. Despite not seeing this film, I got a lot out of this post and I hope other’s do too.

Similarly, Kaori Shinji with Japan Subculture Research Center, we have “Love In The Time Of Coronavirus”. Which is not a post about the pandemic, but rather about Takashii Miike’s “First Love”. Normally I can’t be swayed by a single commentary, but this post has me eyeing the time of a DVD release.

Short, sweet and to the point is Kapodaco’s blog, “Day Thirteen: Kamikaze Girls (MOTM 2020)”. A to the point blog about one of the most nostalgic films of my early teen years. Personally, very enjoyable to read and reminiscence with. I may or may not be stealing “March of the Movies” for next year with Mecha March… but I’ll try to not get too ambitious in advance.

ThatJapaneseDramaGuy also blogged, “Top 10 Must See Suda Masaki Dramas and Movies“. It’s got a diverse set of films, showing Suda Masaki’s truth strengths as an actor.

Lastly, is Precious Jasmin with “[Drama Review] Boku no Ita Jikan: “What’s my true purpose in life?”, a series that I also enjoyed and reviewed this month! With timing like that, I couldn’t not have it included!

So now we have a collaboration post between Lita and Yon Nyan this month rounding out my list, with music posts. “Lita & Nyan Celebrate Blogging with Beautiful Anime & Video Game Music!”, which had quite a few familiar titles to me, as well as some new gems.

While I might not personally agree, WeebRevues blogged, “WeebRevues Top Five Least Favorite Japanese Artists“. Let’s agree to disagree, aight? It broadens perspectives to see why someone dislikes something you personally love.

I’ve been following Turntable Thoughts for awhile, but have yet to feature. So here is “Best Japanese albums you need to listen to: January – March 2020“. Be sure to give a few tracks a spin, and find a new favorite.

We now have the second video feature this month! From the Youtube channel Storied, we have “The Case for Fan Fiction (feat. Lindsay Ellis and Princess Weekes) | It’s Lit”. I rarely acknowledge my fan fiction writing past, mostly due to the reasons listed in this very video! To see Fan Fiction get more serious recognition by both authors and readers in a public manner like this was really fun to watch. With it’s short length, it’s some easy watching to fit in.


So now I have to awkwardly try and write a final conclusion since… I don’t have other non-blogger material to share this month. Surprisingly not even a translated interview from ACME! I happened to read a lot, and got a bit pickier as to what I want to share with you guys. Since a lot of material have been tied into current events.

Well, have a fun song that’s been stuck in my head since the day it came out, “Hey, darlin'” by FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE. So with that final bonus video, I’ll see you guys next month!



  1. Thanks for including one of my articles and all of these other wonderful posts too! 🙂 I enjoy seeing these and even found a few things to check out later myself. Stay safe and keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thaks for the shoutout.

    I churn out a post for a studio almost every month (I skip a month in cases where you can’t separate two studios, such as A-1 Pictures/Cloverworks…that happens more than you think it does…) and there’s a link in my blog header to all of the posts in that series, so there’s more where that came from…In fact, researching studios has been quite useful in guessing things like licensing and possible studios working on upcoming series, as I discovered with the announcement of the core staff for the Hypnosis Mic anime – in that case, since it was revealed to be an Aniplex anime before we even set eyes on a staff list, it was highly likely it ended up with A-1 or Cloverworks (which are 100% Aniplex subsidiaries) and although I reserved my judgement because Aniplex has connections with a number of studios, it did indeed end up with A-1.

    I’d heard Lita and Nyan teamed up, but haven’t found the post until now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome!

      That’s really interesting to hear about the studio’s since, embarrassingly, I never really paid much attention to studios until recently. So I’ll be sure to check out your section when I next get the chance!

      Also, glad I was able to help you find said post!


  3. Thanks so much for including my post in your article! I’m always concerned about making a post that will offend someone’s feelings, so I appreciate the agree to disagree. I feel it’s enlightening to get others perspectives and I’m always open to someone sharing their opposing views with me. Great article and I’ll be checking out the other posts you included.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed reading them. I also totally understand how you feel about Fantastics Hey Darlin’. To be honest, apart from overdrive, I haven’t been really into any of their songs. Not that they weren’t nice, but to me they were just ‘meh’. But this song made me feel that they now have their own style. It made them stand out from the others (at least in my opinion). Now I’m looking forward to more from them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re most welcome! I’ve been following them but I feel like they didn’t find their sound until “Dear Destiny”. But “Hey Darlin'” is my absolute top jam by them thus far.

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