Mecha March – Gundam and LDH

There’s so much more to Mecha then Gundam, but this month at least for me is going to be Gundam related. I think since Scott and Lita are making specific points to not talk about Gundam to excess… that it means I can. Well, that’s at least how I’m treating this month.

Anywho, about this title. So at the very beginning of this year, LDH Entertainment announced that they would be collaborating with Gundam for the 40th year anniversary.  Why? Who knows. It’s LDH’s Perfect Year, it’s Gundam’s 40th year, and a bunch of their talents are closeted otakus anyway, so why not? There were three parts to the collaboration, but I’m mostly going to focus on part two which was the musical collaborations.

It was announced that both THE RAMPAGE as well as FANTASTICS would be contributing to a special short film. Which was the, “Mobile suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Gundam x Ken Okuyama x LDH JAPAN “G40″ Project Special Movie”. Which, ironically sounds more like a Gundam light novel title, then a film title but I’m not complaining. The film was made available to watch on Gundam’s official Youtube channel December 31st 2019 for viewing, and is the the first video below.

Now, I am but a Gundam-ignorant LDH JAPAN fan, so I am going to on a limb and say that Ken Okuyama is a pretty big deal in the Gundam universe. At least I would hope so since the designs, or maybe more a modernization/streamlining look amazing. The designs were made with a lot of care as both the 3D and 2D models looked and moved fluidly through the 7-ish minutes they were featured.

For this project too, the sound design, given there was minimal dialogue, was fantastic. One of the first times I’ve truly unintentionally thought ‘the sound design for this is dope’. Of course, I thought having both FANTASTICS “TO THE SKY”, followed by THE RAMPAGE “SHOW YOU THE WAY” for ending credits was pretty brilliant.

It’s a slick little package that you might have missed if you’re not particularly in tune to LDH JAPAN or Gundam. The only fault is that the full songs aren’t out!! But we do have some focused clips of animation with the songs. The first being THE RAMPAGE’s “SHOW YOU THE WAY”, with the focus being on ‘Zeon’ which I think means the Zaku group? I’m not sure, don’t hurt me!

Followed by FANTASTIC’s “TO THE SKY”, which is for the Federation side of things. I’m assuming they are the good guys. Again, don’t hurt me Gundam fiends!

Again, both clips highlight the stylish design and animation for both sides of the conflict. I’m also impressed with the way the tracks lined up with both clips, and side conflict. But the biggest problem I’m having is…

WHERE ARE THE FULL VIDEOS LDH?? GUNDAM?? I have needs you know! Alas, it hasn’t been announced if these two tracks are full songs or were just recorded as ‘tv size’ versions for the special collaboration. I’m hoping since part three of the collaboration hasn’t been released yet, that these songs will get their moment…

I kinda drifted from the focus, but it’s all well and good. The original announcement was made here, and more details about Gundam x LDH can be found here, as well as Gundam’s 40th Anniversary special site here. You should check out the special movie that’s more suited to be a light novel title wise, and these clips because it’s all for fun and Mecha March goodness.

I do have one more post coming, still Mecha March, still Gundam related, so I hope you stick around to check it out! See you next post!



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