Phoenix Talks; Second Anniversary Special

Hello friends, thanks for coming over to celebrate my second anniversary here on WordPress! 

I’m still as shocked as always that I’ve now been blogging for two years. That seems incredibly insane to me, but looking at my post count and my semi-regular schedule; I’m really proud of two years. Looking back on my 1st year, there’s a lot of things that I still want to do. Still more projects in the works, but those will wait. I have time to try and do it all!

As always, thanks for sticking with me for two years. I love and appreciate you guys in all your forms. Last week I asked for people to send in questions for a Q&A, and thus I have accumulated both the questions, and somewhat importantly the answers!

From Scott: “What is something that turns a good story or piece of media into a great one?”

I think the connect-ability of said media. I don’t think a lot of stories would be retold or remain in popular culture, if they connect with the audience in some manner. For some people it’s their first introduction to a type of fantasy. Like that Harry Potter was the gateway for many fantasy readers, and still remains in the forefront for the genre. There’s a certain type of magic that comes with a well-told story really hitting home with you and sticking with you.

I know several people who ‘fell in love’ with a story. I’m not sure I can say that so much as I fell in love with the main concept of a story, like Osama Tezuka’s Black Jack. I’ve re-read it a million times, I didn’t mind the tv adaptations and I hope one day I can get a copy of Takarazuka performance.  For me, those stories are the great ones. A story that nearly no matter what, you don’t mind it being retold a million times and still get the same amount of joy from it.

Asked by Onyebuchi Bello: “I already know what got you into shoujo anime. But what got you into J-dramas?”

I actually did a really early post about this exact topic here, but it’s not very good in comparison to my current writing level. The long story short is in college, I asked my Japanese friends how they got better at English. They told me that they watched English TV dramas. So I asked my friend’s for some Japanese recommendations and I started with “Heartbroken Chocolatier”, with Matsumoto Jun and Mizuharu Kiko. From there it was a slow descendant, but now I’m here. Currently attempting to watch 26 odd dramas in a year for a challenge lol.

 “And who are your favourite actors and actresses?”

This question is tough. Part of me wants to show I’m tasteful by naming “good” actors in critics eyes. But those actors and actresses are rarely my favorite.

I like following the EXILE TRIBE actors and actresses a lot. I’ve grown to like Katayose Ryota and Iwata Takanori, despite the hit-or-miss aspects of their acting. I’m a die hard for Sano Reo’s roles; I’ve seen all his movies and I’m working on his dramas. I’ve always enjoyed Yakusho Koji in the various films I’ve seen him in (his performance in “Shall We Dance?” was amazing).

I didn’t follow too many actresses until lately. I always enjoy Ueno Juri when she’s in something I happen to be watching. Same with Ayase Haruka. Komatsu Nana has recently popped up more on my radar, so I’m going to see if I end up following her more. Similarly Sakurai Ando and Shiraishi Sei are on my radar now so I’m curious to see what projects they do in the future.

Raun Ling Yu is my pinnacle for female actresses though. She was a Chinese silent film star, and her performances were absolutely awe inspiring. I’ve rewatched what films of her’s are still in existence (many were destroyed), but “The Goddess” in a true pinnacle in my opinion.

From Keiko: “If you could visit any famous person from the past, who would it be and why?”

A famous person from the past… I’d like to meet David Bowie around 1962 or 1963. He was 15-16 during that time, so not quite a full celebrity yet. Oddly specific, I know but there’s a particular event I’d like to see. That would be Bowie getting punched by a friend that would give him anisocora in his left eye. It’s such an iconic part of his image, that being able to say I saw it ‘happen’ would be insane. I think it says a lot of other things about me, but it’d be cool okay? The same way fight scenes in shounen anime are.

From Krystillina: What’s one series you’d wish you could replace the main character with a side character because they were more interesting (or the main character was just that annoying)?”

I had to actually crack open both myanimelist and mydramalist for this because I rarely think about such a thing? For better for worse, I tend to accept what an author has written and, I rarely want changes. When in doubt, that’s what fan fiction is for lol.

One that came up three times (anime, manga, and live-action movie) was BLEACH. I tried my hardest to finish at least the manga, but Ichigo is just boring. I was rooting for him during the Rukia retrieval arch, but every time after a new ‘power’ is introduced; we know our boy is gonna get it somehow. It’s just not fun to watch, or read for that matter.  Ishida Uryu would have been way more interesting to follow as a main character.

For strictly manga, I would have swapped Narita Hatsumi with her sister Narita Akane in “Hot Gimmick“. “Hot Gimmick” is a plethora of problematic material, but what didn’t help was that Hatsumi has the personality of a cardboard cutout throughout the series. I didn’t mind her being a virgin/innocent character, but the fact was written to pretty much not know was sex was as a high schooler was disturbing.

While Akane isn’t exactly better, the girl has confidence and apparently has an actual social life which would have been interesting to see. I mean, it’s basically the same premise for a story just with a ‘whose the daddy?’ reverse harem, verses ‘omg I’m a plain jane how did I get all these guys?’ one.

From Alfredo: “I guess an interesting question I have is if your life had a “theme song” of some sort, what song would it be?”

It’s not a guess, it is in fact an interesting question! Admittedly somewhat boring my theme song over the years remains Hawthorne Heights “Ohio is for Lovers”. This song has survived from age 9 to age… twenty something as a song I never got tired of. Like I genuinely would say that I have the same amount of enjoyment of this song from when I first heard it even now.

It’s not particularly a song of hope, or one I’d bookmark many chapters with. It’s certainly not inspiring. However, it’s the elevator music in my head most days and when occasionally it rolls to the forefront of my thoughts, I’ll hum and sing along with it.

Again, thank you guys so much for joining in my shenanigans for two whole years! Here’s to another two years, and more to come!


  1. Thanks for answering my question! Akane is a very good choice for that one. She and Subaru make one of the best secondary couples out there that’s more than just “four characters, so let’s pair up the other two”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No problem, thanks for asking it! It was a lot of fun to think about! Is it bad that I completely forgot she and Subaru do get together? >..> Oops, but you are right. The way they got together was a bit more organic then most so major props to them.


  2. Thanks for answering my question! 😊 That is an oddly specific time to go and see Bowie but it would be something to be able to say you saw that happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No problem, thank you for asking! I seem to specialize in oddly specific answers these days lol. I do have to wonder how many people saw something that would be considered ‘historic’ by others, but they never paid any mind to.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for your answers. Your answer to my 2nd question made me cheer lol. It was LDH that literally brought me to J-dramas. As an obsessed Generations fan (not in a crazy way though 😂), I love every member and all the first dramas I watched were the ones they appeared in. I’ve started taking note of other actors outside them though like Taishi nakagawa and kamio fuju. I have issues picking female actresses too. But I do like Shiraishi Sei, Kurumi Shimizu and Rina Kawaei.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! I think LDH is eventually what got me seriously hooked. And no worries! I’m another crazy Generations fan, so I get it. I just never seen to have enough time to try and watch it all.

      I too love Kamio Fuju. He’s one that I realized after publishing I forgot to mention lmao. I think I’ve seen a few with Taishi Nakagawa, but I’m gonna keep his name in mind when I’m viewing from now on.

      We’ll both have to grow together and follow more female actresses. Kurmi Shimizu and Rina Kawaei are great too!

      Liked by 1 person

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