28 Day Shoujo Challenge – Day 28

We have finally reached the conclusion of this month’s challenge! It’s been 28 days of all sorts of love, some sweet, other tragic and some just plain strange. Now it’s time to conclude it all with the final theme. “Favorite Shoujo Soundtrack”.

I don’t think this will surprise many but my Favorite Shoujo Soundtrack is NANA’s OST. I’ve linked below a playlist that has some of the core featured tracks.

Surprisingly, I haven’t actually watched the “NANA” anime yet. I started, stopped and in clearing my On-Hold list, I put the series back on PTW. Still I knew the OST would have to be perfect for this series, considering the manga (obviously) doesn’t have live music in it. I had to test the OST, and I was not disappointed. Even re-listening now the songs put me back in my childhood bedroom in front of my portable DVD player watching it from the start…

I’ve fallen in love with “NANA” as a story, and the two girl’s own adventures. One day I hope that Yazawa-Sensei will be able to at least tell us how she intended it all to end. Until that day, I’ll have to settle for re-reading, watching the live actions, watching the anime, and listening to this OST.

With that, this Shoujo Challenge is done! I hope you found parts of it interesting and maybe will take it up yourself!


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