28 Day Shoujo Challenge – Day 27

Yesterday was openings, and today is endings. The final song that bookends the episode. Endings are weird, there’s a big meme going on that the openings are wild energy and tons of explosions, and that endings are just peaceful scenes of the characters. At least, that’s the most recent trend. So let’s go back to 2008, and see my “Favorite Shoujo ED”.My Favorite Shoujo Ending Theme is “STILL DOLL”, by Kanon Wakeshima from Vampire Knight. It’s iconic, and I don’t say that jokingly.

The way it suited the series, from Kanon’s vocals to her cello playing to create the mood. The despite how positive or doki-doki inducing it could be, that there is always something off about the world of Vampire Knight. Not the whole vampire vs. human thing, but despite how beautiful and elegant the series could bewas something lurking  beneath the surface of the plot. I’m also a fan the accompanying animation as well since it tells a story in and of itself.

It’s a beautiful theme, and still my favorite to this day. Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up this challenge with the overall soundtrack! See you then!

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