28 Day Shoujo Challenge – Day 25

We’re almost at the finish line!! A few more days left to go, and today’s topic is a bit more on the self-reflective side. The topic being, “What/Who Got You Into Shoujo?”.It’d be pretty self-serving to say I got myself into shoujo. So that’s the boring answer. A more interesting answer is the manga “Alice 19th” by Watase Yuu, and then a close follow up being “Shojo Beat” the magizene.

I found out about manga pretty closely after I discovered anime. So I went to the library and pulled the first title that looked interesting to me, “Alice 19th”. It was a love story from there. I was obessed with reading and re-reading the first two volumes, while I had them. I was so convinced that manga was this magical and rare thing to be found that I ordered the full set off of ebay thanks to my Uncle. Only to realize that manga was very much a thing, after my next trip to Borders(RIP).

When it came to Shojo Beat, my libaray had so many back volumes I spent literally hours borrowing, returning, borrowing and returning them. I even hid some copies under my pillow so I could read them at night. Until my mom found out and made me stop. I learned from Shojo Beat, that some series, not quite all of them get anime adaptations.

Which then set into motion if I read the manga, I wanted to watch the anime. Of course, if I watched the anime I then wanted to read the manga. It’s set up an interesting learning curb, although lately I am much more relaxed about it.

I still love “Alice 19th” with all my heart. It’s one of only two shoujo series (Fruits Basket being the other) to survive my closet deep clean before I moved to Japan.

That was a lot easier to write then most of these. Almost my own love story but for a genre instead! See you around for Day 26!


    • I’ll be happily looking forward to when you do get to it. I’d be so curious to see your answers to this!!

      I’m glad that someone else knows this series! It’s one of my major ‘oldie-but-goodie’ titles!

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