28 Day Shoujo Challenge – Day 22

Oof, this one is a bit of a throwback to my tumblr/fanficition days. With  “Name who you would Kiss, Kill, Marry” . I had such a hard time narrowing it down because I’m just bad at these sorts of things, so I made it easier and just picked from “Special A”.

Special A

Kiss; Ryu (furthest right in photo). He seems like he’d be okay with a quick smooch on the cheek. Provided Finn doesn’t exile me from her kingdom over it.

Kill; Yahiro (not pictured ’cause he’s gross). He’s just such an unlikable ass 98% of the time in the series. He only redeems himself a little bit, but just ugh. Boy, bye.

Marry; Tadashi (right of S.A. logo). Of all the Special A cast, he was the only one that actually was normal the majority of the time. He was sweet although kinda spacey, and it helps he has a pretty face and loaded wallet.

It’s a little rudimentary on my part, but I did it. Again, cheated since I haven’t seen the anime, but close enough! See you tomorrow!


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