28 Day Shoujo Challenge – Day 18

You would think being a staple of most shoujo that I would remember these scenes a little better. Confessions scenes I mean. The whole big moment for a lot of romantic based shoujo lead up to, for some people the most important part? Yeah… I have bad memory when it comes to these things and it took me forever to narrow down just one.So this is where I’m leaning into the manga, over the anime because I just haven’t watched the anime yet. The best confession scene was Kei to Hikari in Special A. It still sticks in my mind all these years later.

Please enjoy two dummies in love. I couldn’t find the confession scene lol.

Kei is such a smart guy, and knows so much about Hikari. So he made his confession straight to the point and blunt. Yet, it was hilarious because Hikari for all her intelligence still didn’t a) believe it happened and b) didn’t accept or reject Kei’s feelings. It took several more chapters afterwards for her to fully process it.Which more me was a lot more realistic then the instant replies most shoujo go with.

So not quite an anime confession, but at least it has an adaptation? I’ll try my luck tomorrow getting back to anime! See you then!

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