28 Day Shoujo Challenge – Day 15

Shoujo has a lot of hallmarks. Roses, glitter, large eyes, confessions, but sometimes shoujo stories wander from the shoujo world into the ‘weird’. What the means, is a bit of each their own kind of thing. Which is the topic of today, “Weirdest shoujo you’ve Watched”

I have to say without a doubt it was “Netsuzou TRap” (NTR). Which is super technically a shoujo-ai, but for the sake of it being an actual anime, not a manga, I am adding that in. Before we get too deep into this series, it was not weird because it depicted two girls in a lesbian relationship. Let’s clear the air on that. IT WAS NOT WEIRD BECAUSE IT DEPICTED LESBIANS.


With that out of the way, what was weird was the whole damn premise. NTR is a series that depicts a lot of nonconsensual lesbian moments. There’s a lot of dub-con, no consent, manipulation, abuse and just a lot of terrible shit. Hotaru is the ultimate predatory lesbian (more like bisexual but as a bisexual that makes me feel even worse) troupe that was a thing in 2017.

If it wasn’t 12 episodes that were barely 10 minutes at that, and somehow I binge-watched… I would have dropped it. Just everything was off-putting and poorly executed at that, so it was definitely ‘weird’ in my books.

Well, that’s over will. Let’s move along and see what Day 16 brings.

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